The Rooted Revolution Summit Celebrates Asian Entrepreneurs May 4, 5, & 6

These six incredible coaches want to support and inspire especially women of color and those of Asian descent to have thriving creative careers and businesses that are in integrity AND make money!

Even if you’re not an entrepreneur of Asian descent, you’ll get so much out of this powerful summit because here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Intuitive Business Coach & Best Selling Author Anna Tsui on how to turn trauma into genius and to have tools to alchemize your inherent blocks and claim your true gifts
  • Spiritual Mentor for Leaders & High Achieving Entrepreneurs Deepshika Sairam on reclaiming your inner goddess to liberate the highest version of you
  • The Sustainable Visibility Ⓡ Mentor, Certified Trauma-Sensitive Leadership Coach & Podcast Guesting Strategy Trainer Mai-kee Tsang on taking an intersectional approach to being seen on your terms
  • Naturopathic Doctor and Executive Leadership and Wellness Coach Dr. Natasha Kassam Paris on how to awaken the healed ancestors and bringing together conscious changemakers to co-create a compassionate economy
  • Business and Wealth Strategist Sheng Herr on using entrepreneurship to empower our Asian sisters to create space and representation on social media
  • And my friend, trauma-informed financial coach Katy Chen Mazzara on how to break out of cultural stereotypes and family expectations and make money doing what you love!

I’m a supporter of Katy’s mission because first of all, with the violence against Asians in America, Canada, and perhaps other non-asian countries recently, if you decide to upgrade your summit pass to the paid option, your proceeds benefit #StopAsianHate. 

However, you can also join for FREE!

That’s because Katy and the other women want to support and inspire YOU, especially if you feel stuck and aren’t living your life’s purpose because of family expectations or you don’t believe a creative career will pay the bills or you’re just scared to really put yourself out there. 

If this is you, Join The Rooted Revolution!

It’s 3 days of learning, support, heartfelt discussions and celebration of who you are, where you came from and how to step into what you want to do!