Maybe It’s Time To Give Up On Your Goals As A Creative

My go to advice is “Never Give Up”. While that’s usually great advice, sometimes it is time to give up on your goals as an artist or creative. No one wants to be a quitter, but quitting can actually be the smartest choice in some situations.

Is it time for you to give up on your goals? Let’s find out!

Quitting might be right if:

  1. **The Outcome No Longer Appeals** 🎬

Maybe you dreamed of being a movie star or touring musician, but interests change. If your goal no longer excites you, maybe it’s time to give up?

Just ensure it’s truly the outcome that’s lost its appeal—not just the hard work ahead.

  1. **The Sacrifice Isn’t Worth It**

Every significant achievement requires sacrifice—time, discomfort, money.

You may find that sacrifices are greater than expected or your priorities have changed. Therefore, maybe it’s time to give up on your goals.

  1. **You’ve Found Something Better** 🌟

Suppose acting led you to discover joy in live theatre over film roles.

Sometimes initial interests guide us toward what we really love. Maybe it’s time to give up on one goal to pursue another.

  1. **You’re Overly Concerned with Others’ Opinions** 🕵️‍♂️ 

Chasing stardom or material success just for others’ approval is rarely satisfying.

Quit now and focus on something fulfilling for *you* directly!

5 .***It’s Draining Resources from More Significant Goals*** ⏳

Some pursuits might hinder progress towards bigger goals; spreading yourself too thin ensures nothing gets accomplished significantly.

Casual hobbies may need setting aside supporting larger dreams.

6 . ***Your Capabilities Have Changed***

It’s possible age/injuries/family issues alter possibilities making previous ambitions less feasible/worthwhile pursuing anymore due recent limitations/hurdles.

Maybe it’s time to give up on your goals when your goals become too costly resource-wise.

If, however, you are so passionate about your goal and you are unstoppable in your drive to do whatever it takes…I will return to telling you to never give up!💪


So what is the verdict?

Is It Time To Give Up On Your Goals?

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