ARTISTS: Do You Have a Business or a Hobby?

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ARTISTS: Do You Have a Business or a Hobby? Musicians, actors, dancers, visual artists, and all artists can easily “open their doors for business” without a firm business or marketing plan in place. Some may test the waters to see if they attract any fans or supporters and some start [...]

How To Create A 10-Year Vision For Your Life with Creativity Coach Diane Foy

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As we are at the beginning of a new year and a new decade I thought that it was a good time to talk about future visioning. By taking a moment to really visualize what you want your life to be like in the future you can better determine the [...]

Creativity, Visioning & Oracle with Life Coach, Mindfulness Practioner, & Reiki Master Andrea Hendron

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Andrea Hendron is a Life Coach, Mindfulness Practioner, Reiki Master, and the Creator of Andrea's Soul Chats.  My plan was to do a solo episode talking about future visioning and creating vision boards and as I was preparing I began thinking about my friend Andrea. She took the idea of [...]

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