Podcast: Authentic Personal Branding

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Think about your favourite artists of all time. The ones that inspire you deep in your soul and maybe even motivated you to become an artist yourself. Why do you love them? You most likely appreciate them for more than their talent. It may be their personality, fashion sense, work [...]

Multi-Passionate Artists: Frog in Hand’s Colleen Snell

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Multi-Passionate Artists Podcast Episode #75 - Colleen Snell is the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Frog in Hand. She works with a broad range of dance and movement organizations in a variety of roles including educator, choreographer, collaborator, outside eye, fight director, and performer. Colleen’s choreographic tendencies lean toward large-scale [...]

The Enneagram & You with Gina Gomez

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The Enneagram & You with Gina Gomez Today’s guest is the author of The Enneagram & You: Understand Your Personality Type and How it Can Transform Your Relationships, Gina Gomez. I am fascinated by personality type systems so it was great to learn from an expert on the enneagram. As [...]

Podcast: Dancer, Choreographer Kevin A. Ormsby

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With a career that spans over 30 years, dancer, choreographer Kevin A. Ormsby has performed with various companies and projects in Canada, the Caribbean, and the United States. He is the Artistic Director of KasheDance, and works as an Arts Strategies Consultant. He is the Program Manager for Cultural Pluralism [...]

Podcast: Fly Lady Di aka Diana Reyes

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Multidisciplinary Artist Fly Lady Di aka Diana Reyes on Dance, DJing & Visual Art Toronto born and raised of Filipino descent, multidisciplinary artist Diana Reyes also known as Fly Lady Di has been rocking stages for over a decade through Dance, DJing and Visual Art. TRANSCRIPT: Today’s guest [...]

Hip Hop Pioneer Maestro Fresh Wes & Actor Tonya Williams at Black History Month Launch

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February is Black History Month and there are many events happening across Canada to celebrate.  TD bank held a launch event at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto this week featuring Hip Hop Pioneer Maestro Fresh Wes and Actor Tonya Williams with performances by Canada's R&B Soul Queen Jully Black and Juno [...]

SING! DANCE! ACT! THRIVE! Introduction Podcast Episode

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Entertainment publicist and creativity coach Diane Foy has conversations with thriving performing artists and industry influencers on what it takes to succeed.  Solo shows offer coaching drawn from her 25 years’ experience as a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur.  This podcast will empower you to thrive in the arts. [...]

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