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Superfan Attraction: Media Spotlight, Publicity for Artists & Creatives

Having an authentic personal brand and a highly engaged social media following is the key to launching a successful publicity campaign. With the right preparation, you can leverage your online presence to get featured in blogs, magazines, podcasts, radio, television, or your local newspaper.

In this post, I will walk you through gathering your PR assets, researching the media and preparing for interviews so that you make the most of every opportunity.

Build A Media List

With the ever-evolving media landscape, it’s essential to make sure your pitch is reaching the right people. Researching the various forms of media that feature people like you is a great place to start. Understanding the media landscape for your niche can help you narrow down your list of potential contacts.

Finally, it’s essential to keep detailed notes about each contact. Keep track of the conversations you’ve had with them, the topics discussed, and any other relevant information. This will allow you to target the right contacts and improve your chances of success.

Perfect Your Pitch & Follow Up

It is important to know how to pitch your project to stand out. Keep it short and to the point, with enough information to get a general idea of the story you are pitching. Make sure to also mention how the story can benefit their readers or viewers.

Remember that journalists and media outlets are busy and you may have to follow up with an email or phone call. Don’t be pushy and remember that this is a relationship you want to maintain in the future. Finally, remember to be patient and persistent.

Not everyone will respond to your pitch and it could take some time to hear back. But if you craft a compelling story and stand out amongst the hundreds of other pitches, you will get a response.

Master The Interview

The first step in preparing for an interview is to do some research on the interviewer and the outlet. What kind of topics do they usually cover? What type of questions do they ask? This allows you to craft answers tailored to the interviewer and outlet.

It’s important to craft your talking points. These include your key experiences and story that can help you make a connection. You should also practice speaking in sound bites. This means short, succinct answers that outlets may use in their coverage. This will help give you more control over what gets used and how it’s used.

It’s important to create a narrative during the interview. Think of each answer as a piece of the story that you’re trying to tell. With each question, you should be thinking about how your answer furthers the narrative of your life or career.

Leverage The Media & Build Your Team

Promote your media placements on social media and add them to your EPK. This shows that you respect the media outlets investment in you. Positive media coverage helps increase your credibility and attracts new opportunities.

After implementing the 3 phases of my Superfan Attraction Method it is important to build a solid support system. Learn how to find the right coach, publicist, radio promoter, agent, or manager to take you to the next level.

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Crystal Energy Recommendations for Communication & Public Speaking

Crystal Energy Recommendations for Communication & Public Speaking


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Superfan Attraction Playbook Personal Branding for Artists & Creatives by Diane Foy

Superfan Attraction Playbook Personal Branding for Artists & Creatives by Diane Foy

Be sure to sign up for the Free Superfan Attraction Playbook and Training at

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