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In this episode, I take a deep dive into the lessons I’ve learned and the breakthroughs I’ve experienced in 2023, as well as my goal-setting process for 2024. I share candidly about getting off track from my true passion, the challenges and insights that came from that experience, and how I realigned with my core values and vision.

Join me as I reflect on my journey and offer valuable tips on goal setting, vision building, and taking actionable steps to make 2024 a year of purpose and clarity. Let’s kick off the new year with inspiration and empowerment!

Here are some key takeaways from the episode:

🚀 Embrace Clarity: It’s essential to stay true to your vision and values. Whether in business or personal life, ensure that each decision aligns with your core beliefs and long-term goals.

🔍 Break It Down: When setting goals for the year ahead, breaking them down into monthly, weekly, and even daily tasks can provide a clear roadmap for success and keep you feeling accomplished as you progress.

💡 Unwavering Focus: Despite distractions and setbacks, staying passionate and committed to your craft fuels the determination needed to achieve your aspirations.

Goal Setting Coaching:

Check out the coaching services page if you would like to have support on setting your goals and having a plan of action to achieve them.


Today, I just wanna reflect on the last year, some of the lessons I’ve learned and experiences I’ve had.

And I guess the main one is I got off track. I got off track from what I really want, and I’m sure you all can relate to that. I started off last year. I renamed the pod cast. I was going all in and in sharing my branding and PR knowledge on social media and on the podcast and sharing my method of the Super Fan Attraction Method, and it was going good. From January to May, I was on track and, I loved my time with my clients, coaching them on their personal branding, which I always say starts with personal development.

Diane Foy [00:01:02]:

So it’s that deep inner work that I love. We’ll get to the PR marketing, but what really lights me up is helping artists Get in touch with their vision, what they really want, why do they want it, and getting so clear on what they want, why they want it, and having an action plan to get there. And That way, no matter what comes up, you won’t give up. But also core values. And every decision, you should look at your core values and your vision and see if it fits. And

Diane Foy [00:01:50]:

In May, I met someone who offered me to get back into PR, And I do not want to get back into PR. I love what I do now, but Things were a bit slow business wise, and I don’t know. I kinda I liked him, and I thought it would be fun to maybe work PR on different types of projects than what I’ve done for 20 years. And so I’m like, yeah, why not? A side gig to do PR, do what I’m good at and what I know, but maybe for Someone else and do maybe different kinds of projects that I didn’t get to do before. Who knows? I was open.

But then very quickly, they’re the same projects that I’ve done for 20 years and and also working with someone that didn’t share my values. And when I thought it would be a part time thing, it would take over my life And take me away from what I really want to do, which is connect directly with you, connect with the artist, help them on a more personal level.

Diane Foy [00:03:14]:

And Every waking moment was the PR stuff. And it doesn’t have to be that way, but that’s just how he worked. I wasn’t able to say, okay, Tuesdays, I’m going to work all on the PR stuff. No. It was every morning. I dreaded looking at my phone. Actually, every day, I dreaded looking at my phone because there’d be something new that I had to drop everything and do. And so even if I didn’t spend every waking moment on the PR jobs. I my mind was. And little by little, the working relationship with with this PR agency was not a fit. You didn’t share my values.

Diane Foy [00:04:12]:

And when you start looking at what you want and why you want it and your core values, It wasn’t that PR wasn’t a fit. It was the working situation with this person.

And we work different styles. We work different ways, and I had to mold and fit into his way of working, which wasn’t natural for me. And I guess also because it was been a few years since I’ve done publicity. There’s a reason I stopped doing publicity. And if you don’t know, it’s because, more and more artists were not ready for publicity. It’s a lot of work, Less media outlets out there. So as much as I love the projects that I worked on, It took a lot of work and hours of pitching to get a few little things. So return on investment for both the client and me, it was just not worth it to me anymore. And I didn’t wanna take artist money.

Diane Foy [00:05:27]:

You know, PR is not cheap, and the clients don’t understand that all the work that goes into it. And so you’d spend 1,000 of dollars and get a few little Media outlets.

But meanwhile, that few little took a lot of time and effort and finishing. And so I lost the the drive to do it. And also because a lot of people were not ready for publicity. Where coaching I can get personal and really help you so that when you get to do a PR campaign or when you think you’re wanting to hire help, you’re ready and you have your personal branding in order. You have the stories. It’s all about the story.

Diane Foy [00:06:15]:

And that’s what I love. And so this PR job didn’t took me away from that. Because even on days where I planned on working on my own stuff, which is helping you guys.

I was always pulled away to do this other stuff that wasn’t leading to what I really want. I was taking away from it. And also it was draining all my energy because we didn’t share the same values. And it was eating away at my integrity and my gut. My, you know, I did not feel right around how this person was doing business, and it’s not in my soul to be dishonest for lacking in integrity. And so I had to get out of that.

Diane Foy [00:07:17]:

But, yeah, being a coach for the last few years and not doing publicity, I’ve gotten very clear And I understand even more how important it is to the work I do.

But it’s when you get distracted and experience a negative. It just made me even more passionate about what I do as a coach and my method because you might get distracted like I did. I got distracted with this other opportunity, but I was only 4 months, you know, and I knew very quickly that this was not a fit. It was not helping my vision. It wasn’t helping my soul, and I got out of it.

Diane Foy [00:08:17]:

But that’s because I’ve done this work that I help artists do. And so that no matter what amazing opportunity might come your way, Look at your values. Look at your vision. Does it fit? And I think in the beginning, I thought it was a fit.

Diane Foy [00:08:37]:

So I went for it. But very quickly, I realized it’s not a fit. That’s why it’s so important because I know years ago, I would have been sucked into the that project for years. And just accepted that that’s the way it worked and that’s I had to mold myself to work with someone else. But because I’ve done this work, I’m out of it in a few months. So it’s been a month or so back to what I really love to do. And

Diane Foy [00:09:21]:

wow, the freedom. I love the freedom. And so the distraction, it did take me away from what I really want. So there’s been a bit of a delay in achieving what I want. But it was also such a great learning experience and being so clear and I’m proud of myself. And it gave me that new fire of why My method is so important and why I want to help artists get to that point where if they do get on track, they very quickly reverse it and get back on track because you’re so clear. That’s where I’m ending this year is getting back on track

Diane Foy [00:10:08]:

and in every area of my life too. Because not just what I do, but I’ve been working out and trying to eat healthier and has I had more time and energy and mindset to focus on my own health and also my own business, and working towards creating content that will help the people I really wanna help. And so I just wanted to Share this with you to think about how was the last year for you?

Diane Foy [00:10:48]:

Did you achieve everything you wanted to achieve?

Diane Foy [00:10:53]:

And if not, can you point out some distractions that you got sucked away in? Did anything new come up? Because sometimes it’s very it’s one thing to be very clear about your vision, but maybe your vision changes. And sometimes, like, I could have this detour might have turned into an amazing experience. And, woah, I love PR again, and, maybe I will do more PR. And So I’m not saying don’t take those opportunities that come your way, but if you’re very clear on what you want and your values, you’ll know pretty quickly whether it’s the fit that you want. So, And if it’s not, like at the end of the year is a good time to review your year and then start to set goals, and action plans for next year. And how Do you want to feel a year from now? How do you want to

Diane Foy [00:12:10]:

Be in your business, in your career. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to be ready for? I’ve looked back on my last few years and some things have just taken me a long time.

And it’s the comparison too, because I look at other coaches that they just started.

All of a sudden, they got a huge following. They got a course. They got a group program. They got this. They got that. And I’m still back here going, Still working at it. Still working at it. Yes.

Diane Foy [00:12:42]:

I do want that big course and signature program, and it’s been percolating, but,

Of course, I want it to be perfect. And so I’ve decided that, okay, maybe if I give myself more time and plan ahead and not just be like, oh, I wish I had it done by now. Be like, okay, so maybe let’s set the goal that next September, I’m going to launch my signature program, Super Fan Attraction. And How am I gonna launch that? I kind of want to do a summit and, like, kind of like the podcast and get some experts, but also like a summit of Creativity,

Diane Foy [00:13:29]:

branding, marketing, the business like And I think because I’m multi passionate and my audience is multi passionate, that it would be an interesting summit, I think, because It wouldn’t be, hey, all actors in business. This is a summit for you. For all musicians, Here’s for you. I wanna invite everybody, so I wanna have experts in.

Diane Foy [00:13:58]:

Just and also the things that Artists need to learn about the business. We need to know more about being an entrepreneur, running a business, time management. So I’m thinking I’m getting excited about, oh, I could come up with a really great summit and have amazing people, experts to come in, and that is helping the the list build as well. And then to be able to launch the group program. And how am I gonna get there? Well, maybe in the early of the year, I create a few new lead magnets, to build the list more.

Diane Foy [00:14:49]:

And You know, I am doing podcast booking now, so maybe get a few clients for podcast booking in the new year. Because I do let that’s part of PR. I do like, because it’s better return on investment.

If you’re really clear on the podcasts that are right for you. You pick 10 podcasts and pitch them over a few months, and you could have like 3 or 4 or 5 interviews.

Diane Foy [00:15:26]:

So as we end this year, I want you to think about your future vision. And what do you really want? 10 years from now, what do you really want to achieve? And I’ve Coach my clients on goal setting and future vision and breaking that down. I have a whole system for that, And it’s been a while since I’ve taken my own advice and followed my own system for goal setting. So I also want to remind you, like, you might be clear on I’m very clear about my future vision. I know 10 years from now what I want and why I want it.

Diane Foy [00:16:13]:

But it’s been a while since I’ve broken it down. So I just wanna Throw out a few tips for you that I’m going to follow myself. Getting into the new year is reminding yourself if you don’t already know your future vision, think about that. Like every aspect of your life. What do you really want?

Diane Foy [00:16:36]:

What do you want your lifestyle to be?

Where are you living? In house? In apartment? Like get detailed into this. I Did a new vision board last year, and I don’t think I need to do another one. It’s I’m looking at it. It’s like, yep, that’s my future vision. Nothing’s changed.

Diane Foy [00:17:00]:

Yeah. I’m good. So I have I’m very clear on my future vision. But if you’re not, like, think about, you know, health, Health and fitness. Mental health. What do you want to improve? 10 years from now,

Diane Foy [00:17:15]:

how much money are you making?

What are you doing in your free time? Are you traveling? Where do you want to travel? And

Work wise, your career. What do you want to achieve? Once you have Your future vision. Then you need

to break it down. Like, in order for you to achieve what you want in 10 years, where do you

need to be at 5 years? What do you need to accomplish at 5 years? Like maybe You’re a best selling author at 10 years and with multiple books. So maybe 5 years you’re launching your 1st book.

Diane Foy [00:17:59]:

And then when you break it down to 1 year, maybe you take a writing program this year to improve your skills.

Or maybe you want to get going on writing that 1st book this year. So how are you going to do that? How are you going to break that down? And so, 5 years, 1 year, And have a 1 year vision. That is the work I’m going to be doing myself is reevaluating, okay,

Diane Foy [00:18:32]:

What do I want to accomplish in the next year? I’m gonna go through my system again and I’ll give you some tips here that the 1 year breakdown. Okay. So if I want to Run a summit and launch a group program in, say, September. If you look at the next the 12 months of the year next year. Take your goal and break it down to what you need to accomplish in each month and work backwards. So say month 9 is I’m gonna have a a summit.

Diane Foy [00:19:13]:

Well, I need to do the interviews. I need to plan it. I need a few months. So maybe in month 8, I’m setting up and promoting the summit. Month 7, maybe that’s when I’m 7 and 8, I’m recording the the interviews. And month 11, I’m launching the group program, signature program. So what do I need to do in month 6, month 5? And so think about your goal. If you have something that you want to accomplish in the next year, how can you break that down month by month. I haven’t really done mine yet, but I can just do a quick thing. Okay. I’m gonna start planning the summit. Month 7, 6, and 7.

Diane Foy [00:20:09]:

So before then, I’m probably gonna Have more guests on the podcast.

Make connections with my ideal speakers because it’ll be my 1st summit. I get my dream people. What do I want? Maybe that’s relationship building and maybe I need a new lead magnet, to offer. Maybe I’m launching,

Diane Foy [00:20:38]:

A small course, say in month 4. That kind of gets me started. Hopefully it sees By my breaking that down, what you can maybe do with your project. And then once you kind of have the month mapped out, the 12 months,

Then you can look at just the next 60 days. You can put it away, and then just focus on the next 60 days. Write down everything you can think of. Brainstorm all the things that you need to do in the next 2 months, Then 1 month and group them into different categories. And the further you break it down, Then you can break it down to, this week I need to accomplish this, this, and this. And by doing that, when you do accomplish those smaller goals, And maybe you break it down to today. I need to email this person.

Diane Foy [00:21:38]:

Check. You feel more accomplished cause you’re 1 step closer your goal. So I just wanna put a few tips out there and inspire you that, hey, End of the year. How do you want to be and accomplish next year? So there you go.

Diane Foy [00:22:01]:

That’s all for today. I hope you have A wonderful end of the year, and let’s kick it off in January. I’m gonna come back with lots of amazing, episodes and guests and topics, and I’m so excited. And let’s Kill it next year. The new superfan attraction playbook is out. I’ve been working on this superfan attraction method For artists and creatives for so long, and I keep, you know, improving it and adding to it. And I’m so proud of this edition, Super Fan Attraction personal branding for artists and creatives. It It goes through my method of starting with personal branding begins with personal development.

Diane Foy [00:22:55]:

That’s Tap into your unstoppable motivation. We go through more personal development, personal growth exercises. And then stage 2 is magnetic branding. All that goes into branding, your story, your bio, your photos, your image. Stage 3, competitive edge, edge figuring out what makes you unique and stand out in your industry and Be able to promote yourself with ease. and grab that right now.

Goal Setting Coaching:

Check out the coaching services page if you would like to have support on setting your goals and having a plan of action to achieve them.