Superfan Attraction Stage 3: PR & Marketing

This is where you begin to turn casual observers into SUPERFANS!!

The Superfan Attraction Summit is your ticket to learn from the best experts in arts and entertainment.

My Superfan Attraction Method has 3 stages and here is the last stage.

PR & Marketing for Creatives

3. Elevate Your Competitive Edge with PR & Marketing

This is where we identify your unique selling point(s) that set you apart from your peers. It is your brand positioning and marketing efforts. Here are the experts who will help you with that:

🎵 Rock Your Email List & Success Cycle with Cheryl B. Engelhardt

What’s fascinating is Cheryl’s deep engagement with fans, involving them in decision-making processes, and even letting them in on her unique outfit for the Grammy Awards when she was nominated. Her 5-phase success cycle will help you set clear goals, create, pitch, and monetize effectively.

⚡ Authenticity over Algorithms: Social Media with Fiona Flyte

Fiona focuses on the power of social media in building an authentic and engaging personal brand, emphasizing the need for artists to invest in learning business and marketing skills. 🎵 🎭 + Common mistakes artists make on social media.

📹 Livestream Your Way to Success with Leonard Patterson II

Leonard drops knowledge on how live streaming has evolved into a valuable tool for building content and marketing your work. 🎵 👾+ Should you be on Twitch?

🎙️Podcast Hosting and Guesting with Shay Leonia

🎵 Shay shares her podcasting journey as a host, offering advice on navigating technical hurdles and building meaningful connections with both guests and audiences. Diane offers up tips from the PR perspective on the benefits of podcast guesting and the art of personalized pitches.

Next up is personal branding and PR with yours truley!

personal branding-pr-marketing-creatives

Has all this talk about having a coach or mentor have you wondering what that would even look like?

The last interview in the Superfan Attraction Summit isn’t an interview at all.

Listen in on a coaching session with a former client of mine Eden Moody, who is a cult survivor, singer-songwriter, and transformational speaker.

We talk about navigating name changes, cybersecurity, and pursuing purpose-driven work. The session explores building an audience, using social media, and finding your authentic voice in a noisy digital world. Personal branding and creative pursuits are discussed along with the quest for financial stability in music, speaking, and spirituality.

Plus, another previous client of mine Stacey Marie Keba takes over the mic and interviews me!

📣 Superfan Attraction Method: Personal Branding & PR with Diane Foy

Hold off on hiring that publicist! Diane emphasizes crafting your personal brand with personal development tools first as the ultimate PR move. Learn the 3 stages of her Superfan Attraction Method that draws on her 20 years experience in 🎨 🎵 🎭 Arts & Entertainment PR.