How To Build A Strong Personal Brand for Artists & Creatives

A strong personal brand is the key to attracting the fans, media and industry that allow you to fulfill your purpose.

Here are 5 steps to cultivate yours:

1. Explore and define your purpose, vision, values and mission.

2. Tell Your Story: What life experiences shaped you? Why do you do what you do?

3. Establish your brand personality with your personal style, colour psychology and brand archetypes.

4. Determine your competitive edge with market research and identify your potential superfans.

5. Create your visual brand assets with photography and graphic design.

Once you are clear on your authhentic personal brand you can begin to create purpose-driven content. That content allows you to show up consistently and attract superfans.

Personal Branding is the first phase of the Fans, Media & Industry Attraction Method that I coach multi-passionate artists and creatives through.  Grab the Free Fans, Media & Industry Attraction Playbook here.