Think about your favourite artists of all time. The ones that inspire you deep in your soul and maybe even motivated you to become an artist yourself. Why do you love them? You most likely appreciate them for more than their talent. It may be their personality, fashion sense, work ethic, values, or beliefs. When they share their vulnerability, struggles and triumphs you may see yourself in those stories. Authentic personal branding is the key to success. In this episode Diane Foy shares phase 1 of her Fans, Media, & Industry Attraction Method.

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Multi-Passionate Artists Podcast: Authentic Personal Branding with Diane Foy


Hello and welcome to episode 87 of Multi Passionate Artists.

I’ve been doing this a while and come a long way since the beginning of this podcasting journey. We are at over 16,000 downloads and one thing that’s interesting is how fast the downloads have been increasing since I changed the name of the podcast. So this must be resonating with a lot of people that you’re multipassionate artist, multi, passionate, creative, and you’re looking for a home, a community, a place where people get you. So welcome I am pushing myself, making solo episodes and coaching episodes a priority.


So last episode I told you all about my creative journey from photography to make up artistry to music industry, publicity, arts and entertainment, film and actor publicity, and now coaching. So I shared my journey in the last episode and today I want to talk about authentic personal branding.

Canadian Musician magazine. I have a column sharing my fans, media and industry attraction method with the readers. And so the first column came out for the September and October issue and it’s all about authentic personal branding. So I thought it’s only fitting that this episode be about authentic personal branding. And I’ll share with you the steps that I take artists through.


Artists, creatives coaches, multipassionate. We do a lot of things, but I take my clients through the authentic personal branding before anything else, yes, I can coach and teach you everything about publicity and marketing and social media and content creation, but until you know what you’re promoting, those are all going to be a challenge. That’s where authentic personal branding comes in. It’s about embracing who you really are. It’s embracing yourself, your story, and figuring out your purpose.

I’m a purpose driven coach and I want you, no matter what you do, to be purpose driven. Lead with your purpose.


Authentic personal branding. If you think about your favorite artists, favorite artists of all time, the ones that inspire you deep in your soul and maybe even motivated you to become an artist yourself, why do you love them? You most likely appreciate them for more than their talent. It may be their personality, fashion, sense, work ethic, values, beliefs. When they share their vulnerability, struggles and triumphs, you may see yourself in those stories.

That’s where the connection happens. The most successful artists don’t stress about competition because there is no competition. No one else possesses your exact combination of skills, experience and personality.


Most of us don’t take the time to explore and embrace who we really are or figure out what makes us unique from everyone else. And as artists, performers, sometimes we go down that rabbit hole of comparison. And I know some of you are thinking, well, so and so is not even as talented skilled as me. But why are they getting all the opportunities?

They probably have figured out their uniqueness. They probably push their comfort zone and step out and share who they really are.

And that’s where personal branding comes in. It’s taking the time to do the deep inner work.


During my 16 years, 18 years now whoa. Of arts and entertainment publicity, the music and media industries have evolved significantly. An artist with new music or an actor with a part in a film, or artist with a show, or creative entrepreneur with a new book or product to offer it’s no longer enough to garner press coverage. I began to witness too many artists wasting money on PR, radio, social media, marketing campaigns before they’re ready.


Often, artists think that media attention is the key to attracting fans in media, when in reality, it’s the fans that need to come first. And maybe if you’re not a performer, maybe you don’t think of your people as fans. Maybe customers, clients, followers. It’s just another word for fans, whatever you want to call them. And so, in order to attract loyal and engaged fans, clients, customers, you need to embrace your authenticity, creativity and purpose and then have the confidence to share it with your audience.

Personal branding is the key to success. And I realized after so many years of doing publicity that I could have a bigger impact coaching artists through the process.


The Fans, Media and Industry attraction method is a blend of all of my experiences that I told you about last episode, and I bring all of that into this method. As a multi, passionate, creative, I love that I can draw on my photography, fashion and makeup artistry experience one day and my creative psychology, PR and marketing experience the next. With my unique combination of skills, experience and personality, I’ve created the Fans Media Industry Attraction method that includes three key phases authentic personal branding, social media, super fans, and media spotlight. So today, I’m just going to stick with the authentic personal branding. I believe it is the most important you can’t get to the others without it.


Personal branding. What is personal branding? Sometimes people confuse it with just branding. A lot of people think branding is your logo, the colors you choose and design on your website.

But personal branding is the impression other people have of you or your brand. Whether you control that impression or not, your unique combination of skills, experience and personality are the key to connecting with fans, media and industry.

The first thing I coach artists through is turning dreams into action plans.


It’s gaining clarity on what is your desired future vision, what does your life look like what do you really want? Because until you stop and really figure out what it is that you want, you’re just chasing whatever shiny thing comes your way. And so think about ten years from now. What do you want to be doing? Are you touring the world?


Are you walking the red carpet at the Oscars? Are you selling your art for thousands of dollars? Are you running a successful business helping others? In whichever way you do that, taking the time to figure it out. Your future vision is the destination that you want to reach.

Breaking that vision down into actionable goals that provides the directions to get there.


Next, we tap into unstoppable motivation. I shared my why in the last episode. What is your why? Why are you pursuing a career in the arts when you can articulate why you do what you do and why you want what you want? Your life purpose comes clear.


Your purpose then motivates you to achieve your goals. It helps you keep going when the inevitable obstacles and setbacks come up, while many others give up, you will have the drive and motivation to get back on track no matter what happens. You might have heard that in the last episode of my telling my story is that my purpose remains the same throughout all of that. So even though there are moments of I should quit and get a real job, it wasn’t my path. And so part of the next phase is taking a stand.


What are your core values and beliefs? Your core values and beliefs represent what is most important to you.

Your core values are the guiding principles on what you base all of your decisions. And then limiting beliefs, we all have them. Those things that hold us back from really putting ourselves out there. The voice in our head that may not even be our voice. It may be important people in your life.


Maybe it’s your parents voice telling you you can’t make it. It’s important to address them and replace them with empowering beliefs. And this is another major point that I coach artists through, is challenging these limiting beliefs, those things that are holding us back. If it’s a lack of knowledge, well, then let’s go get that knowledge. If it’s a lack of skills and experience, well, let’s go get that.


But if it’s a fear, anxiety, voices in your head telling you you can’t, that takes the deeper inner work.

Another part of personal branding is expressing your personality.

There’s a million personality tests out there, but it’s good to I’m fascinated with them, so I take them all. But Enneagram, Myers, Briggs, Ocean model. There’s so many. Or maybe you’re into astrology. It helps to really get to know what your personality is.


In what environments do you thrive? What environments do you shrink? Hold back. Be aware of that.

Then it all comes down to story telling, your unique story. What life experiences have shaped who you are. Telling your story with all its challenges, mistakes, failures, pain, vulnerability, along with the passion, happiness and successes, it’s your strongest asset to authentically, attract, and connect with an engaged audience.


We all have stories to tell. We’re just maybe not used to telling them or even remembering them. So there’s definitely some exercises that I work with my clients through to. Yes, remember your stories, your experiences, but then how to shape them so that you can share them in interviews, on social media, in your bio.


And then I love psychology of all kinds, but color psychology, fashion psychology, I go through that with my clients. Express yourself with color psychology. It studies the effect of each color on human behavior. The colors you choose should reflect your personality, values, artist identity, and then use your brand colors in marketing materials and on social media platforms. And then even more powerful if you can translate those colors into the best colors and shades for you to wear.

Your skin tone, makeup, hair, what colors look best on you?

It’s important to know what colors brings out your best features and aligning your best colors with your brand colors. It can have a strong impact.


So your image, once you kind of figure out your colors, whether it’s brand colors or your actual clothing colors, you want to think about your image. What is the first impression anyone has of you? Performers are used to this. Like actors are used to figuring out their type and doing a photo shoot and getting headshots that communicate that type. Musicians, performers, dancers.

You’re used to getting your photograph taken. You used to be on video. And sometimes it’s harder for visual artists to put themselves out there in that way. I see it all the time when I look on social media or on someone’s website and all the photos are of your art. Or if you’re a fashion designer, all your photos are your creations.


If you’re a photographer, all your photos are your photos of other people or your other subjects. But I want to know, even when I buy art, I want to know who is behind it. I want to know the artists, I want to know the artist story. I want to know the inspiration behind this creation. And so all of us have to put ourselves out there and get photos that really capture who we are, capture our personal brand.


And an investment in your appearance can improve your self confidence and expressing your personality through your image, that gives you unique edge in this crowded marketplace. And speaking of edge, what is your competitive edge from the exploration that you’ve done so far? By figuring out your future vision. Tapping into your motivation. Your core values.

Your beliefs. Exploring your personality and your story and your image.

It’s easier to now research other people in your genre. Other actors that are similar to you. Other artists. Creatives. Whatever it is there are people that are your peers.


That are your competition. That people might see as your competition when they’re searching for what it is you offer. Who else are they looking at? And when you do the exploration yourself, you can quickly see, like, what it is that makes you different from them. What do you like about what they do?


What do you like about what you do? What’s your unique combination of skills, experience and personality? And then that is where at the beginning of this, when I said there really is no competition, that’s when this comes in, when you recognize what it is that makes you different and what makes you unique. What is your passion and purpose behind what you do? Discovering, appreciating and cultivating your skills and strengths.

It gives you the confidence to push yourself, to make the impact you want to make and receive the rewards you desire.


I’ll go into more detail in future episodes of each area of personal branding, but that’s a good overview of what exactly personal branding is and I hope you see that it’s deep in our work. It’s not superficial. Yes, there are branding experts that will go through this in four quick sessions or even a 90 minutes session figuring out your brand, but it’s going to be surface level, so I really encourage you to really do so. If you want to hear or read this, phase one of the how to Attract Fans, Media and Industry part one, authentic Personal Branding. You can go to Diane slash freebie and download the whole playbook that goes through authentic personal branding, social media, super bands, media, spotlight.


But I will be going in more detail and all of it in future episodes. And if you would like some help with any of these areas that I just discussed today, why don’t you apply to be a volunteer and get a free coaching session and we’ll air it on the show. I really want to change more people’s lives. I want to empower you to overcome the obstacles that are standing in your way. It could be internal or it could be external, but what are those things that are holding you back?


And maybe you don’t even know where you want to go. Maybe you have so many passions that you’re just like, overwhelmed that you don’t. When you think about a future vision, you’re like no idea, because you love music, you love acting, you love painting. You want to have a side business of teaching and coaching and all of this and you really don’t know. Well, let’s explore that.


Let’s figure out your purpose. It all becomes clear once you figure out your purpose and the other parts of what you do are just the vehicle for that purpose. So Dianefoy, comVOLUNTEER and apply to get coached on the show, anything. I have so much experience I want to share and I want to help you. And by airing it on the podcast.


You’re going to help so many other people too, and you’re going to have people identifying with your story. So that is it for me today. Yay. I did another solo episode. I hope you enjoyed it.

Please connect with me on Instagram. I’m Email me. Until next time. Bye.

Thank you so much.