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“I learned that I needed to explore and cultivate my AUTHENTIC ARTIST IDENTITY to connect on a deeper level with my audience.” 

“I was finishing up my third album and since I had released music in the past without a plan and my goals were not achieved, I hired Diane as my PR and Marketing Coach. The thing that surprised me most? Well, three things…

  1. How quickly Diane put me in action, especially with STRATEGIES for TIME MANAGEMENT and GOAL SETTING.
  2. When it came to PROMOTION, I really just wanted to hire people to do it for me, but I learned that I needed to explore and cultivate my AUTHENTIC ARTIST IDENTITY to connect on a deeper level with my audience.
  3. The 3rd and maybe most surprising thing is that BRANDING & MARKETING is FUN and CREATIVE!!! I ended up loving the topics that I most wanted to avoid.

The result was that I was able to successfully launch an LP in a digital world as an Independent Female Artist! Plus, Diane even connected me with my current project New Moon Junction.” ~ Singer-Songwriter, Tamara Maddellen 


You’re tired of your extraordinary talents getting mediocre attention.

You know what you want, but getting to the next level seems hopeless, especially when you feel like …

You have the power to change lives with your talents!

If you can master singing, acting, dancing, painting, photography, writing, etc …

You can (and deserve to) crack the code to cultivating a thriving career in the arts! 

Diane Foy Music Publicity, Actor Marketing, Social Media, Personal Branding

Hey, I’m Diane,

Your Creativity Coach!

As a multi-passionate artist, I’m on a mission to challenge the saying “jack of all trades, master of none” because have you met us? We are Renaissance souls, limitless in our capacities for knowledge and development. Here are a few things I’ve accomplished…

  • I had a 16-year career as an arts and entertainment publicist working with the likes of Perry Farrell, Sass Jordan, Big Sugar, DOA, Mackenzie Phillips, Robb Wells, Tyler Blackburn, and Todd White
  • For 10+ years, I was a makeup artist on sets with talent like David Foster, K-os, and I Mother Earth, and backstage at major fashion shows. 
  • My creative journey began as a fashion and entertainment photographer.
  • Along the way, I also held the titles of pr & marketing coach, music journalist, artist manager, jewelry designer, pet care specialist, and I often return to photography. 

Throughout the career changes, my life’s purpose has remained constant. My mission is to educate, motivate and empower multi-passionate artists to embrace their authenticity, creativity, and purpose in order to slide into the spotlight with the impact and income to match.

Yes, you can be a …

  • Singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, actor, tv/film producer, fashion & beauty brand (Jennifer Lopez)
  • Actor, comedian, writer, director, record producer, singer, songwriter, rapper, DJ’ (Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino)
  • Actor, model, dancer, tv/film producer with billion-dollar biz empire (the Honest Company, Jessica Alba)

 or whatever your fabulously unique combination of talents and ambitions are.

On the Multi-Passionate Artists podcast, I have conversations with artists, musicians, actors, dancers, painters, photographers, and other creative souls on their journey, process, and entrepreneurship. Solo shows offer coaching on how to create the life and career of your dreams. Let’s celebrate being a multipotentialite, scanner, Renaissance soul, polymath, multi-hyphenate, generalist, serial specialist, or whatever term feeds your soul.

My personal brand proudly includes my love of cats, red wine, and Janet Jackson.

Canadian actor Chad Allen

“Just as my acting coach helped me build a process for approaching a character, Diane helped me build a process to tackle the personal and business aspects of my life to keep me on track to reach my goals.

Before coaching with Diane, I didn’t have a solid plan in place to build my profile and secure more auditions.

I came to recognize that my fear of failure was holding me back from putting myself out there and becoming a full-time working actor.

The part of the program that had the biggest impact on me was learning my why as having a clear understanding of why I am pursuing this dream made me focus and draw on that motivation when things get me down.

I’m more confident now that I have the tools and support to get to the next level.” ~ Chad Allen, Actor, Writer, Director, Producer

We’re a Bennifer 2.0 level match to work together if you…

We’re not a match (aka J-Rod) if you …

How I Help Artists, Musicians, Actors Slide Into The Spotlight With The Impact (& Income) To Match:

Crack the Code to having a Thriving Arts Career with…


My purpose is to help multi-passionate artists embrace their values, ambitions, and story so that they can slide into the spotlight with the impact and income to match.

If you are ready to stop hiding parts of who you are, I can empower you to overcome the fears, blocks, and overwhelm that have prevented you from sharing your fabulously unique combination of talents with the world.

Are you tired of trying to figure it all out on your own?

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“After only a few sessions with Diane, I felt that the experience was life-changing.”

“Before coaching with Diane, I struggled to understand how to grow my career in music and film. I was overwhelmed working on so many projects that lacked structure and an overall schedule. After only a few sessions with Diane, I felt that the experience was life-changing.

Confidence has been the biggest impact on me as I never really stopped to think about my core values, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly the deeper reason why I was writing the type of music that I do. It impacted my personal life as well as triggering me to go back to work on my childhood trauma and anxiety.

Now I have the tools and systems in place to achieve my goals and the confidence to communicate and connect with audiences and industry authentically.” ~ Nathalie Kraemer, Singer-Songwriter, Filmmaker

You should also know these 9 random but necessary facts about me…


Multi-Passionate Artists Podcast with Diane Foy

On the Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! podcast, I have conversations with thriving artists, musicians, actors, and industry influencers on what it takes to succeed in the arts.

Guests have included musicians Akon, Bif Naked, Maestro Fresh Wes, The Road Hammers (Jason McCoy & Clayton Bellamy), and Sass Jordan, actor/musician Michael Des Barres, actors Cara Pifko, Jennifer Pielak, Monica Plante, and Glenn Scarpelli, Broadway stars Capathia Jenkins and Bret Shuford, music producers Timbaland and Joe Solo, acting coaches Mel Mack, Adrian Griffin, and Catherine Mcnally, dancer/choreographers Travis Knights and Kevin Ormsby, and vocal coaches Lorraine Lawson and Judy Rodman.

Cracking the code to attract fans, media, and industry gains a lot of interest

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Multi-Passionate Artists Podcast with Diane Foy

On the Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! podcast,  solo shows offer coaching drawn from my 25 years of experience as a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur.

In this episode, I thought I would share with you some of the common questions that I get asked from musicians and actors about PR, social media, and marketing.

In episode 62 I share a Q&A that I hosted with musicians at the Screen X Screen conference.

If you would like to get a feel for my coaching, in episode I share How To Create A 10-Year Vision For Your Life

“Coaching helped me see what was in alignment for my unique path”

“I sought coaching with Diane Foy because I was uncertain of what I needed to do to be successful with publicity and promotion for my music projects. The chaotic noise out there around promotion/marketing/ social media seemed overwhelming.

Diane’s PR and marketing knowledge and her background in the industry were invaluable and she listened hard. Her coaching gave me a good sense of the bigger picture for attracting an audience, media attention, and industry team members.

It helped me see what was in alignment with my unique path and gave me confidence in proceeding. I’m feeling good about taking the next steps that are right for me. Thanks Diane!  ~ Taivi, Singer, Songwriter

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Multi-Passionate Artists Podcast with Diane Foy