Dance Education Coach & Dance Boss Podcast Host Erin Pride

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Erin Pride is a personal dance education coach and she's also the host of the Dance Boss podcast. We had a good conversation about her career as a dancer and dance instructor, but also we share some resources of different books and podcasts that you may be interested in as [...]

Christopher Leacock aka Jillionaire on Music & Technology

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Today we have Christopher Leacock aka Jillionaire who staying true to his Trinidadian roots, fuses original Caribbean rhythms of soca with dancehall beats. Along with Diplo and Walshy Fire, he was a member of the electronic music group Major Lazer until this past June when he left the group to [...]

Broadway & Symphony Star Capathia Jenkins

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Broadway and Symphony Star Capathia Jenkins. I love this line from her bio that says “This woman who grappling with two dueling passions each with a strong grip: acting and music, yet she refuses to pick one because they both represent her soul. Capathia approaches a song the same way [...]

SING! DANCE! ACT! THRIVE! Introduction Podcast Episode

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Entertainment publicist and creativity coach Diane Foy has conversations with thriving performing artists and industry influencers on what it takes to succeed.  Solo shows offer coaching drawn from her 25 years’ experience as a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur.  This podcast will empower you to thrive in the arts. [...]

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