Broadway & Symphony Star Capathia Jenkins

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Broadway and Symphony Star Capathia Jenkins. I love this line from her bio that says “This woman who grappling with two dueling passions each with a strong grip: acting and music, yet she refuses to pick one because they both represent her soul. Capathia approaches a song the same way [...]

Actor/Director/Producer/Financier Matthew Willson

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Matthew Willson is an award-winning Canadian actor, director, producer and financier of the arts with more than 500 stage performances to his credit. A versatile and talented character actor, he also boasts numerous TV and film credits.  He also finances several projects including as the sole individual financer of the [...]

Actor/Producer Glenn Scarpelli

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Actor/Producer Glenn Scarpelli Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! Podcast Episode 003 My guest today is the actor, producer Glenn Scarpelli who is best known for his role in the original One Day At A Time produced by the legendary Norman Lear. He made his Broadway debut at age 10 in Golda [...]

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