Superfan Attraction Stage 2: Magnetic Personal Branding

When you have a clear and consistent brand, you are more likely to build the know, like and trust factor!

The Superfan Attraction Summit is your ticket to learn from the best experts in arts and entertainment.

My Superfan Attraction Method has 3 stages and I’ll explain them and the experts you will hear from in a few posts.

Magnetic Personal Branding

2. Cultivate Your Magnetic Personal Brand

We will explore your story, personal style, color psychology, and plan for photography and image elements. Here are the experts who will help you with that:

🎭 Discovering Your Actor Type and Brand with Melanie Mack

Melonie graciously shared valuable insights and tips on the importance of personal branding for actors, understanding actor types, creating compelling headshots and demo reels, building relationships in the industry, and the impact of social media on casting decisions.

📚 Craft Your Signature Stories with Nick Demos

From winning a Tony Award to redefining his purpose as a storyteller, Nick says that storytelling isn’t just about sharing achievements; it’s about revealing the struggles and growth behind them. His insights on the power of true storytelling are a game-changer.

💃 Rock Your Style w/ Colors & Confidence with Rayne Parvis

From photo shoots to stage performances, Rayne shares invaluable insights on styling considerations for different mediums. 💥 Plus, she spills the tea on breaking the styling rules to infuse personality and color psychology into your branding!

📸 Capturing Authentic Headshots & Pricing Work with Vanie Poyey

Vanie brings 25 years of experience capturing authentic and engaging headshots in the heart of LA to the table. 🎭 For those in front of the camera she dished out tips on makeup, wardrobe, and visual storytelling while photographers won’t want to miss her advice on pricing your work.

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