Aissa Thalia is a Happiness Coach + Actor + Meditation Facilitator + Chief Happiness Practitioner + Founder of Happy Mindsetter. She helps actors who have not booked in 90 days or more feel happy, confident, and free no matter what. Through her signature process, Aissa helps you discover how to spark your happiness, confidence, and motivation. She teaches you how to focus your thoughts and shift your emotions onto what matters most – your happiness!

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Happiness Mindset with Actor, Dancer & Happiness Coach Aissa Thalia

Limited Time Free Happiness Session with Aissa Thalia


Hello and welcome to episode 84 of Multipassionate Artists. First up, I want to thank you for listening to the show. We just hit over 15,000 downloads and it’s funny because it was only maybe six or seven months ago that we hit 10,000 and that took a few years to get there. So let that be a lesson to you that you just got to keep going, be consistent, never give up, and one day it will just click. And so I also want to read a few reviews that have come in. Missy K says, Diane is such a kind and cool gal. I love the space she is creating for Multipassionate Artists to share their stories and have great conversations. Thanks, Diane. Well, thank you, Missy.

And then another one came in from my last guest on the podcast, G. Brian Benson. He wrote that I really enjoyed listening to the Multipassionate Artist podcast. Diane Foy does a great job showcasing and interviewing really inspiring creative and unique guests. I’m always looking to learn and grow and find a lot of value listening to folks who are stepping out of their comfort zone. Thank you so much.

So if you are also enjoying the show, please take a moment to submit a review as it helps other artists like you discover it.

Coming up in future episodes, I’m going to be coaching live on the show. I have some my current previous clients that will volunteer to be coached on the show, but this is open to you if you want to be coached on the show about managing your multiple passions personal branding, content creation, publicity head to and fill out the application.

And be sure to download the fans, media and industry attraction playbook at dianefoy.Com/freebie to see all that we could cover in your session, but also because my guest today has a very special offer that is only available to people on my list. So stay tuned to the end of the show to hear all about that.

[00:03:06.970] – Diane Foy

My guest today is Aissa Thalia, a happiness coach, actor, dancer, meditation facilitator, chief happiness practitioner and founder of Happy MINDSETTER. She helps actors who have not booked in 90 days or more feel happy, confident and free no matter what. Through her signature process, she helps you discover how to spark your happiness, confidence and motivation. Isa teaches you how to focus your thoughts and shift your emotions onto what matters most your happiness. She’s passionate about happiness because it changed her life. Aissa was once unaware that her thoughts and emotions were negatively affecting her health and creative success. When she finally found her happy, her well being and artistic career improved. Now she wants to help actors with all the tools and strategies that helped her so that they can thrive and be unstoppable. With a degree in psychology from the University of Southern California, a background in the arts, and her love for happiness, she integrates her knowledge to customize a fun and light coaching experience for you. Think of her as your personal cheerleader. We all need one of those. I know you’ll get a lot out of our conversation, so enjoy.

[00:04:51.970] – Diane Foy

Hello, welcome to the show. Aissa. And then how do you pronounce your last name?

[00:04:59.200] – Aissa Thalia


[00:05:00.330] – Diane Foy

Thalia. Are you Spanish?

[00:05:03.070] – Aissa Thalia

I am. I’m from Peru and I’m so grateful to be here.

[00:05:07.570] – Diane Foy

That’s amazing. Yes. So you are a happiness coach. What does that mean?

[00:05:15.790] – Aissa Thalia

Oh, man, that’s a loaded question.

[00:05:20.600] – Diane Foy

I’m going to ask, like, really stupid questions, like a five year old going, what is that?

[00:05:26.830] – Aissa Thalia

All right, so, yes, I am a happiness coach. I specify in happiness mindset. So what that means is I get you to train yourself in happiness so that we transform you from the inside out to become your best self that you want it to become. And we do it with different activities that ignite your joy. So through happiness training, we give you back your power so that you understand that you really have happiness within you, and then you can ignite it at any single moment in time. So the happiness training, happiness coaching, my style of it really lends itself to manifesting, to law of attraction work, to reframing of thoughts and positive self talk. And I always incorporate dance because it’s a very fast way to raise your vibration. And I also do breath work, so it’s a beautiful blend of different modalities that I teach you so that you have the skill set and the tool set at home to bring ease and peace and happiness within yourself at any given time.



[00:06:59.850] – Aissa Thalia

Does that answer the question? A little bit? You asked what happiness coaching was. That was the original question, yeah. So at the end of the day, it’s training you to live in a high state of emotional vibration, meaning you’re leading with emotions that lend themselves to joy and gratitude and ease and tranquility and peace. You know how to see everything glass half full, not glass half empty. You understand that everything works out for you, not to you. So you just show up in life full and energized and motivated.

[00:07:43.630] – Diane Foy

Cool. And so in what circumstances do people come to you for help?

[00:07:52.370] – Aissa Thalia

I have found an array of circumstances because I think, in my opinion, everyone wants happiness for themselves and in their lives, regardless of where they’re at. But I do find there’s two extremes and then folks in the middle, and I specify I coach actors. So this is where I’m pulling this information from the actors. That come to me. I have the actors who are just not feeling their best. We’re talking anxiety, depression, nervousness, just they’ve tried every other type of therapy, nothing is working. And they’re like, oh, what is this? Happiness coaching? Let me try that. I have nothing else to lose at this point because they have not found anything that has worked for them up to this moment. Then I have actors that come to me that are naturally happy. They show up to their you know, I sometimes give out free happiness sessions throughout the year to meet new actors and give back to the community. And I have found some actors show up and I’m like, wow, they’re just already vibrating so high. I’m like, why are you here? What brought you to this session? Because you look pretty happy to me.

[00:09:22.310] – Aissa Thalia

So what I have found is you can be happy vibrationally. You could still show up full and energized, but there’s still a lot of doubt and lack of confidence that lives inside of you. And those actors are attracted to me because deep down inside, they want to learn how to walk in their power and truly understand their enough. So it’s not just so much, oh, I’m feeling happy, life is perfect, because you can feel happy all the time, but you’re still dealing with confidence, with perfectionism, with imposter syndrome. There’s still part of you that’s vibrationally not in a high vibrational state. So then I get those actors, then I get the ones in the middle, meaning like, life is bad, but it’s not that bad. So they’re just cruising, and they don’t know if they want to do happiness coaching because life hasn’t like, the house isn’t on fire yet, but they’re just like, oh, they just want to see how this can shift how this type of training can shift their life. So I guess there’s three different type of actors that I see.

[00:10:46.280] – Diane Foy

Yeah. And I’m thinking there’s a lot of people who use like, they’re always happy, but it just also could be a mask.

[00:10:54.570] – Aissa Thalia

Yes. Oh, yeah. There is a difference from a superficial happiness just putting on the mask to that true happiness, which is what we strive to ignite through coaching together. That inner joy, really feeling grounded within your temple, within your body, and just knowing you’re good, knowing you’re enough. Like, that true, genuine happiness.

[00:11:21.570] – Diane Foy

I also saw you specialize actors who haven’t booked in 90 days or less or something on you yes.

[00:11:28.030] – Aissa Thalia

In 90 days or more. So if you haven’t, so why my reason to tailor my services to that demographic is because if you have not booked in 90 days or more, there’s something that needs to be tweaked vibrationally. There’s something that you’re attracting to yourself that’s blocking you vibrationally from the physical manifestation of your goals. And with that comes more depression, more anxiety, more self doubt, more lack of confidence. So those are the actors that need me the most. So they could truly understand their enough and that they can truly change their life around not just emotionally and spiritually for themselves, but also for their acting career. Because if you’re living in a state of low vibration, of unhappiness, of lack of resistance, of just, you’re no longer motivated to do the things you moved out to Los Angeles to do. You’re no longer motivated to go to the auditions or do all yourself tapes or go to the acting class. If you continue on that path, your probability of booking is going to lessen. And also it’s just going to take longer, right? It’s just going to take longer.

[00:12:51.590] – Diane Foy

And so I’m trying to put myself in their position. So I’m thinking like these are actors that or anyone that they probably feel like they are working hard, doing all the things and why are they still not booking, right?

[00:13:10.080] – Aissa Thalia

Exactly. These actors are doing all the things. You said it. They are going to classes, maybe doing casting director workshops, they’re going to get their next headshot session. They’re looking for a change in agency or manager or they have a great team already set in place. So why aren’t they booking if their talent is set in place, if they have a strong work ethic? It is my opinion that it’s the vibrational life that you live day to day that is causing those blocks, whether intentional or unintentional. And of course, no one’s going to volunteer and say, hey, I’m going to put a block towards me and my goals. Vibrationally. However, that’s just how life unfolds. And what happens when you doubt yourself, when you wake up in a bad mood, when you wake up lethargic, when you have no energy to work out those little things, like sleeping, like waking up happy, not having the energy, or the wanting to work out if it’s something you used to enjoy doing. All those two things, for example, while they’re not specifically directed to acting, they’re indirectly linked because it’s still a vibrational state you’re living in that’s going to affect your acting goals.

[00:14:34.950] – Aissa Thalia

So if you’re always complaining, if you’re trash talking yourself, if you’re having gossip time with your friends about sending a million selftapes into the ether and never hearing back, while it’s not your intention to affect your acting career in a negative way, you’re not relating it to it in a positive way. So hence you are affecting it.

[00:15:03.330] – Diane Foy

Well, what if they’re not? I’m really just speaking about me now.

[00:15:09.750] – Aissa Thalia

Go for it. You can challenge this theory, these opinions.

[00:15:19.170] – Diane Foy

Well, sometimes I feel that I am doing all the things, but I also have a pretty positive way. I don’t wallow and I just think everything’s going to work out and I just keep working, I keep going, I keep going, I do all the things, but I’m still getting the I’m not booking, right? That’s my version of booking.

[00:15:48.090] – Aissa Thalia

Yeah. So then that’s where the work has to start, where we start uncovering what you truly believe about yourself, your deep set beliefs and values about yourself. And that comes with awareness, bringing awareness to your life of moment to moment. What are the thoughts that are ruminating in your mind when you’re on autopilot? How are you feeling day today? Those things we have to bring awareness to, and from there, start working. Can we shift you? Are you really living in a state of high vibration? Is that really the truth for you? And if it is, great, and if it isn’t, okay, we have somewhere to go. Or what do you believe is true for yourself? What are those subconscious beliefs that come to the forefront over time when we do self discovery activities and meditations and writing exercises? What are the subconscious beliefs that are controlling your life without you knowing? Right. So what are your beliefs? What do you believe is a possibility when it comes to finances or relationships? What’s your point of view on these topics? So we would have to uncover that and see where that vibrational block may lie. Does that resonate with you?

[00:17:19.080] – Diane Foy

Yeah, so it’s like it’s really deep diving into limiting beliefs. I think a lot of coaches do cover limiting beliefs, but kind of like one or two sessions and we move on. So I guess thinking the work that you do is like, really deep diving into that.

[00:17:39.400] – Aissa Thalia

Yes, it’s deep diving and also having patience in the sense of not being in a hurry necessarily to find the problem, because sometimes we want answers to find solutions, or we want answers to the problems and just sometimes they’re not coming up, so we have to let go of that so that they can come up on their own. When you’re ready to receive that answer right. What I share with clients, and this is a reminder to myself as well, we don’t get what we want, meaning we can live high vibrationally. We could do all the things, have the positive self talk and do all the things. Like you just said, you’re productive, you’re doing the things. However, we don’t get what we want in that sense because we get what we are meaning, what we feel about ourselves internally. And that could take years to uncover, to be honest.

[00:18:52.650] – Diane Foy

Yeah, years.

[00:18:55.090] – Aissa Thalia

Because you have to be open to receiving answers. You have to be open to dealing with your own shit. And sometimes that is painful and uncomfortable, but you might have to go there if we want to really uncover where’s that block coming from.

[00:19:21.450] – Diane Foy

Yeah, I know. I’m always telling artists, like, slow down. They’re always in a hurry to get where they want to go, and it’s a process. Slow and steady wins the race.

[00:19:35.190] – Aissa Thalia

Yes, slow and steady wins the race. And I tell clients, happiness, your happiness journey is a marathon. It is not a sprint, and it’s a journey we might get lost along the way, we might take a few steps back, but as long as we’re working towards our goal, as long as there’s always discovery, there’s always tweaking there’s that willpower to choose to think positively about yourself, you’re always going to have that momentum of growing and moving forward. But there’s no quick fix. There’s no magical happiness pill. I wish there was, but there isn’t.

[00:20:16.740] – Diane Foy

Yeah. I always say the quick wins are not long lasting, they’re not sustainable, no matter what you’re talking about. Right?

[00:20:25.200] – Aissa Thalia


[00:20:26.970] – Diane Foy

So you have a degree in psychology?

[00:20:30.450] – Aissa Thalia

I do. Yes. From USC.

[00:20:33.450] – Diane Foy

So how did you get into all this?

[00:20:36.690] – Aissa Thalia

Oh, man.

[00:20:38.370] – Diane Foy

Tell me your journey when you were a child.

[00:20:40.700] – Aissa Thalia

When I was a child.

[00:20:41.980] – Diane Foy

Because you’re an actor as well, right?

[00:20:44.120] – Aissa Thalia

Yes, I’m an actor as well, so I know back to the beginning. Yeah. And I’m a former dancer, and I’ve always had an interest in how the mind works, human behavior, and hence I went into psychology and I’ve always had a strong desire to help people. I wasn’t between getting a social work degree or a psychology degree, and my psychologist professor at the time, she’s like, get that psychology degree, you could still help people and you’ll have more opportunities. I’m like, okay, sure, sounds like you know what you’re really talking about, so I’m just going to go down that path. But a lot of my courses were social work based. Just the need to serve was always within me, and the curiosity of really understanding how we work, how we perceive things, why we do the things that we do. So I’ve had that intuition and that innate desire for knowledge of the brain and serving people since a very young age. And I ended up here today as a happiness mindset coach because I found myself in my mid twenties. This is where it started, where I started realizing there was something off vibrationally.

[00:22:16.110] – Aissa Thalia

I lived in autopilot, so I didn’t really know what’s happening. Like, this is, in hindsight, in my early twenties, late twenty s. I had no clue how strong mindset is for an individual in regards to how you speak to yourself, what mood you carry, I had no idea. And I came out to Los Angeles to pursue dance, and that’s what I did until mid 20s, late twenty s, and I did not get to the peak of my dance career, like what I wanted, what I dreamed for myself. I had injuries which ultimately took me out of the profession. However, looking back, this is eleven years later now, awareness and confidence, and after years of taking myself through my own mindset and happiness journey, I can say that when I was actively pursuing my dance career, I was doing all the things, training with the best of the best. I had the dance agents, I had the look, I fit in perfectly, everything was on my side. Yes, I had injuries like every dancer does.



[00:23:47.210] – Aissa Thalia

But I had every box checked to hit the success level that I wanted to hit for myself. But what happened back then, when I was living in Autopilot, unaware of myself, unaware of it, anything related to vibration mindset and happiness and confidence, I was living in a state of wanting validation, of a state of getting nervous before performing, which as a dancer, if you’re nervous, you cannot connect to the music and really open yourself up to be seen. While I told myself I was confident because I went to the front of the class, I went to every audition, I was not shy, but nonetheless, there was part of me that wanted the teacher to call me out at the end of the class with the really cool dancers. And when that didn’t happen, I would feel bad about myself, or if I was on the dance floor and I messed up, I would judge myself versus just shaking it off, right? I did all these things unconsciously, not purposefully trying to self sabotage, because that wasn’t my goal, but I live day to day wanting that validation, questioning, why am I not getting called at the end of the class, getting nervous if I did get called, if I got called, I got nervous, right?

[00:25:22.950] – Aissa Thalia

So all these moments combined together over the years compiles to, I could say now I placed my own vibrational blocks towards any sort of grand success I could have had aside from the injuries. And there was something related also to the injuries that they do relate to mindset, and we’ll get to that as well. But at the end of the day, as an artist, whether you’re a dancer, actor, singer, even a painter, anything that has to do with the art, where you really have to be connected to your higher self, there comes a trust factor, or you really have to trust that you’re enough. Even if you fuck up, you got to just understand you’re human, right? And just have fun along the way in your process of your artistry. So if you’re living in fear, and I was, I guess to a certain extent a fear of not getting called out of a fear of not making it, and upsetting my agents, feeling like a disappointment to the people that trusted me to bring me on their roster. If you’re living like that. It doesn’t matter who you’re training with. It doesn’t matter who represents you.

[00:26:42.750] – Aissa Thalia

It doesn’t matter if you have the best headshots in the world. Because you’re going to be competing next to someone that’s fully vibrationally opened. Allows themselves to be seen and stands in their power and their full confidence. And that person is going to be the one that essentially books. Not even necessarily the most talented person. But the person that’s just like. See me. I’m raw. I’m here and I’m here to play and win and encapsulate you with my emotional life that I’m living as an actor or as a dancer. So should I stop right now? Should I have any questions? I know. I keep talking. Okay, so I’ll tie this with the whole injury thing. When I got injured, and I got injured repeatedly throughout my dance career, it’s my opinion that my injuries lasted longer than they should have, even according to doctors, right? My injuries lasted longer than they should have. And as a dancer, you have to be physically fit at all the times, and it’s very physically demanding. So when I had got injury after injury throughout the years, then I got in my head about it like, why am I getting injured?

[00:28:03.730] – Aissa Thalia

Why is this happening to me, right? Hence, another vibrational block. Because then I’m saying to myself, I can’t compete if I’m always injured. Well, they’re better than me because why aren’t they getting injured? Like, what’s happening with my body? Right? Or I’ll start telling myself just illogical, just things to try to make sense of, like, why is this happening to me? But that is creating resistance versus just accepting and releasing, allowing your body to heal more quickly. And you have to understand, whether you believe this or not, the emotional state you live in is reflected in your body. So if you’re always sad, complaining, second guessing, not happy with the outcome that over the years can compile and manifest in your body as a disease, or in my case, injuries. And I do believe that it was the part of the mindset and the vibrational life that I was living back then that caused my injuries to last longer, just because I knew what I was dealing with. And I’m like, this shouldn’t be lasting, as these injuries should heal quickly, or I should have less of them. Especially when doctors are like, oh, well, your MRI looks great, but exactly.

[00:29:37.140] – Aissa Thalia

So we have to be mindful. That what we think and what we feel. Your body responds accordingly and is there to give you feedback, to slow down, to reassess, to reset. So all that combined towards the end of my dance career, where I had to just professionally put it down and put a pause to it because of the injury. My last injury just took me out. I was two years in therapy. It was just like an insane amount of time. And by then I was already in my mid 20s or actually going into my later part of my twenty s, and to break back into the dance world. By then, I had so many blocks up because I’m like, what if I get injured again? I don’t want to be that disappointment. So all these are this resistance that I’m building up in my body, right? It’s preventing me from the goal once again. I had all the boxes checked out, the headshots, the real, the training, the agents, the look, when we would always get typecast. I always stayed in the mix. I never got typecasted out, so I had it in. But all my blocks will slow down my process, and it is what it is.

[00:30:59.870] – Aissa Thalia

And now it’s information that I have used to better myself as a human being. To not duplicate that type of behavior and mindset in my acting career and to teach actors what not to do. Don’t do what I did when I was dancing.

[00:31:19.990] – Diane Foy

Do you also look back and go, maybe it wasn’t meant to be, maybe you didn’t really want that dance career or does that play into it at all?

[00:31:34.490] – Aissa Thalia

No, not for dance, it does not.

[00:31:36.790] – Diane Foy


[00:31:39.590] – Aissa Thalia

I still dance to this day. And for me it’s now just more therapeutic as a hobby. When I go out to commercial auditions, I still book dancing stuff commercially. So it’s still in my tool belt. Now, as an actor, I’m not competing at the professional level of a dancer. That’s a whole different ball game, that’s a whole different arena. But I could still very comfortably compete as a dancer in the acting world. I could still dance. It’s still in me. I trained for so long. Like, it’s in my bones, it’s in my blood, it’s in my spirit. But if someone were to say, hey, you want to go on tour with Cardi B or Jennifer Lopez? I would take that in a heartbeat. Because that dance for me was my first and true love. However, not being able to take that path to where I wanted it, essentially back then, it opened me up to other paths, like acting, which was not part of my goal list, just not what it came out to do in Los Angeles. And I really fell in love with comedy. Like, I truly love comedy and improv. So I would have never found that if I was still dancing.

[00:32:52.950] – Aissa Thalia

And I definitely wouldn’t have found happiness coaching.



[00:32:56.690] – Aissa Thalia

Right. Definitely wouldn’t have found that. So when I started changing myself, and I started taking my own personal journey, this is now late 20s, early thirty s. And I started taking a stance for myself. And I told myself, first, I’m going to heal myself with the power of my mind. Cause I was so over all these different injuries that doctors could not heal me. Doctors kept saying, well, you’re too stressed out because I have all these injuries, okay.

[00:33:31.210] – Diane Foy

That I love.

[00:33:32.530] – Aissa Thalia

Right. And also, I’ve always been an athletic person. Like, I started going to the gym when I was twelve years old. So being athletic, dancing, moving my body has been a way of life for me. So when you take that away from someone and that’s the thing, when I parted ways, when I had my breakup with dance, it felt as if I had no identity. And this is before I took my happiness journey on and my mindset journey, I didn’t know better. And it was just so heart drenching, like so heartbreaking for me no longer to dance. As you can see, I’m already getting emotional about it because if I take myself back there, I felt like this is what I did for ten years. This is why I came out to Los Angeles, to do what am I going to do with myself? Like, this is who I am. Even though I had the psychology degree at USC, I identified with dance so much, it was really just such a heartbreak. So that’s when I started my journey to really just say, I’m going to heal myself and I’m going to just become more motivated and more just confidence, I’m going to just do things differently, I’m going to change my mindset.

[00:34:55.430] – Aissa Thalia

Because I knew there was something linked at that moment with my mindset. Back then, I didn’t really start off with energies and vibrational states. I just do mindset. I had to change my mindset. My mindset is going to be the key for me to change. I’m going to create the life that I want with the words that I speak. And that’s how I started and then over the years, I got into the law of attraction, the manifesting, really, the power of igniting those emotions. Because it’s not just about saying the words at first. We don’t know that. At least I didn’t know you could say what you want, but it’s not about that. It’s about igniting that feeling in real time, in present moment, and really bringing awareness to how you think and feel. And when I brought awareness to how I was thinking and feeling, boy, was I a complainer. I was a negative Nelly. No wonder my dance career didn’t take off, right? So then years later, I’m certified as a happiness coach and I’ve taken courses on breathwork and meditation because I’ve seen how changing my lifestyle, because it is a lifestyle change, where you’re saying, I’m going to choose happiness, happiness chooses me and I’m going to decide to think differently about myself, about the circumstances around me.

[00:36:18.460] – Aissa Thalia

I’m going to decide to feel good and live in gratitude. And when I really took on that stance consistently, repetitively and made it a habitual habits in my life. So now it’s my identity that I am a happy person. That’s how I identify. I saw a shift in how I felt about myself. Pain in my body has decreased since. The injuries that I used to deal with, I don’t deal with anymore in present moment, like things with my health have changed for the better. Nothing that Western medicine could ever do for me, given my particular circumstances. But through changing my mindset and my vibration in real time, I have felt pain leave my body and that’s just so powerful and so worth teaching. And I have also experienced the moments of freedom artistically where I’m just so high vibrating I don’t care whether or not they call me back or not because I know I. Had a good time. I booked the room or I booked the job because I was so high vibing, but it just made my acting career more fun, more doable, more practical, and it released the stress that I was causing myself from my dance days.

[00:37:49.350] – Aissa Thalia

And it just makes the experience more fun. And when you’re having fun doing what you love, the outcome comes to you much quicker, or at least it feels like it does, because you’re having fun along the way.

[00:38:00.240] – Diane Foy

People are attracted to you because you’re putting that aura, that energy into the room. It’s like, hey, what does she have that I don’t have?

[00:38:11.970] – Aissa Thalia

Yeah, and sometimes that’s threatening to other actors, to other people.

[00:38:16.620] – Diane Foy


[00:38:17.230] – Aissa Thalia

She always get everything but that’s their mindset shift and perspective they have to clean up because that is a vibrational block they’re creating for themselves, even though they don’t mean to. So just in a nutshell, I decided to change my life. I have done. So there’s still work to be done, because I will tell you, it’s been, what, at least over six, maybe going to seven years, where I started my own personal mindset and happiness journey. And the more you grow and you see yourself changing, you start finding out the deeper stuff.

[00:39:00.990] – Diane Foy

We’re never finished working program.

[00:39:04.420] – Aissa Thalia

Right. It’s a never ending thing, but at least you’re in a better state, in a better place to work with the deeper stuff. And you truly have an understanding. You have more control of your life than what you may think.

[00:39:17.130] – Diane Foy

Where do you want to go from here in your life? What are your goals, hopes, dreams?

[00:39:24.270] – Aissa Thalia

Oh, my goodness. In the coaching realm or acting? Okay, I’ll start off with acting. Sitcoms all the way. Yeah, you want to be on sitcoms and commercials? I’ll just be happy being on all the commercials, like the next progressive girl, that next campaign. You’re like, I’m in, I’m in. And just sitcoms. I love sitcoms. If I could be in an ensemble, like a friend or right now, I’m really loving Abbott’s Elementary American Auto, the Ghosts. I think ghosts are the ghost. Super funny shows. So, yeah, just a really funny hit sitcom. I’m happy. That’s what I aspire to when it comes to acting professionally, when we’re talking about the booking on a day to day basis, just to be content and happy with where I’m at, be proud of the work I send in, not judge myself, not overthink my work, just committed to enjoying the process. And if I could do that, then I know I could sustain longevity in the acting career. Because acting is also a marathon, not a sprint.



[00:40:58.240] – Aissa Thalia

And you’ve got patience. You might as well have fun while you have the patience for coaching. I see myself celebrity acting coach for happiness. Like, celebrity?

[00:41:09.570] – Diane Foy


[00:41:10.460] – Aissa Thalia

Yes. I dream up being interviewed by Oprah because that’s how powerful my work is, and I really, truly believe in it. And everything that I do that I set my mind to do, in this case, the coaching and acting, I want to go full out and just really go for it.

[00:41:34.850] – Diane Foy

You can impact more lives the more people that know who you are and the work that you do. And that’s why interviews like this, you get to explain and share, because some people don’t really get what happiness is now. They hear you.

[00:41:54.870] – Aissa Thalia

And of course, there’s a part of my coaching that’s inspirational and motivational in the sense of, like, speeches. For example, I also see the happiness coaching going in the direction of motivational speaker because sometimes I find myself in my power groups doing my motivational speeches. Right. Because if I can inspire and motivate and move actors away from the things I did in my dance career to help them really propel themselves in the direction that they want and no longer live in doubt and fear and worry, I do feel really complete because then I know that from my life experience, I’m really able to help others and really pay it forward. I don’t want to go like, I wish this, I wish that. But it would have been extremely nice to know all this in my early 20th, or if I knew someone that could have trained me in happiness. I didn’t know any of this existed. Maybe back when I was in my early 20s, mindset really wasn’t like the hot thing. Now it’s like everywhere. But wouldn’t it have been nice to know all this information?

[00:43:20.650] – Diane Foy

But sometimes I look back and think that maybe I wasn’t ready then anyway.

[00:43:27.010] – Aissa Thalia

Yes. And that’s another thing. I don’t think I would have yes, I would have probably been ready. And you’re right, because in hindsight, there were people in my life that sprinkled things in there, but it never clicked. So there comes the time where you just have to as a coach, sometimes I just have to understand that in order for an actor to really receive the full spectrum of benefits.

[00:44:03.170] – Diane Foy

Yeah. Because I’m at a point now where I’m like, well, the day I discovered coaching changed my life, and the day I discovered that multipassionate, multipotentialites is a thing changed my life. And I talk about all this as this is fairly recent, but there was yes, ten years ago, like right. I had Barbara Sher’s book in my hand, but I wasn’t in a place for that right then. I was on a different path. And then coaching, okay. I discovered coaching. I had a bad experience with the one coach I had. I moved on. Yeah. I think just at different times you weren’t ready. So there was probably happiness coaches all around you in your twenty s, and you were like, I just don’t see it.

[00:45:02.730] – Aissa Thalia


[00:45:03.420] – Diane Foy

You never know.

[00:45:04.400] – Aissa Thalia

Yeah, maybe. You know, I agree with that because I have come across whether it’s an actor that I meet or a friend or a family member where they have access to me, but they’re just not ready. So I can’t coach them. They’re not ready and they have to be ready in order to really embrace the change they want to make for themselves. And that’s where awareness is key because sometimes you’re not even aware that you need to change.

[00:45:41.490] – Diane Foy

Yeah, ready when you’re ready, then it’s like life changing freedom.

[00:45:51.200] – Aissa Thalia

Yes. You have to be ready to receive the message. To receive the message you do.

[00:45:57.910] – Diane Foy

That’s amazing. So right now you’re giving away some recessions.

[00:46:04.540] – Aissa Thalia

Yes. Just to your community, which is exciting. Exclusive free happiness sessions. What we do, we get together and we focus on the actor’s happiness for about 45 minutes, 50 minutes. The session lasts an hour and within that session we do some real time manifesting by embodying the working actor they want to be. We talk about what we try to uncover, what are the blocks that are getting in the way of you and your goals? Let’s bring them out because we have to find solutions for them. We have to bring awareness to them with kindness. And we work on getting you one step closer in the direction of your goals.

[00:46:56.870] – Diane Foy

That’s so amazing, so valuable for anyone to have that time with you, just to even start thinking differently about that.

[00:47:07.230] – Aissa Thalia

Yes. It’s a new introduction to a different perspective. The session will definitely raise your vibration, whether you know what that means or you don’t. You end up leaving lighter and brighter. Like, those are specific adjectives actors have described. After they finish the activities in the session, they just feel bright and light and motivated and powerful and energized. And those things were not available to them before. They weren’t feeling like that until they came to the session. And that’s extremely powerful because that’s what we want to train you to ignite on a consistent basis as best as possible, genuinely right. Feel those good feel emotions.

[00:48:01.310] – Diane Foy

That’s so amazing. So I’ll leave the link in the show notes that you can go and book an appointment with her. Because if someone is listening to this weeks from now, is there like a cut off time so sometime in the next few weeks?

[00:48:20.090] – Aissa Thalia

Yes. So I am opening up my availability for about a week and a half from the date that’s going to be posted, which I believe is are we still doing Thursday? Yes, Thursday. So I believe about a week and a half. But what we can do, because I do want to honor the free happiness session for your community. So if someone hasn’t listened to this, like you said, until after the fact, maybe we could do something where they can reach out to me directly via email. We can put my email in the show notes and they could say, hey, I would love to redeem my happiness session. I missed the podcast.

[00:49:09.190] – Diane Foy

I say that, hey, I heard it on the Multipassionate Artist podcast and wondering if you’re still gathering it, and we’ll figure it out.

[00:49:18.250] – Aissa Thalia

Yeah, we can take it from there.

[00:49:21.050] – Diane Foy

Okay, that’s wonderful. Well, thank you so much. Any parting words of wisdom that you’d like to share? Oh, yes.

[00:49:29.850] – Aissa Thalia

I love this. I always love I have lots of stuff. I always ask a similar question when I do my lives, I think, you know, because you’re on a live on my Instagram and I asked a similar question. I want everyone to know that truly, your happiness does live within you, and you just have to tap into it and be willing to tap into it with as simple as breathing in and out and opening up your heart space and just allowing unwanted emotions and thoughts to wash over you. Your happiness is always there. We were innately born in a state of happiness. As babies, they’re just so happy, right? They’re just so open and available, and that is our innate state of being as well, open and available and joyful. So just know with confidence that everyone can attain happiness and anyone and everyone can activate and ignite their joy.

[00:50:43.350] – Diane Foy

Wonderful. Just got to be open to it. I love it.

[00:50:46.730] – Aissa Thalia

Got to be open to it.

[00:50:48.420] – Diane Foy

Yeah. Wonderful. Well, thank you so much for being on the show and sharing all that. I want to already go back and listen to it again so much.

[00:51:01.530] – Aissa Thalia

Diane, thank you for having me. This was fun. I hope that my story brings motivation and inspiration for those that feel that they need to get to their next best level. There’s a solution to that. There’s a path to that, and you’re truly in control of creating the life that you want.

[00:51:24.090] – Diane Foy

Wonderful. Thank you so much.

[00:51:26.970] – Aissa Thalia

You’re welcome. Thank you for having me. Bye, everyone.