Mental Health: It Gets Better & We Must Do Better

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I’m so f*cking sad today. Yesterday the news that Steven ‘tWitch’ Boss died by suicide hit me hard. I was devastated and angry. tWitch was a freestyle hip hop dancer, choreographer, actor, television producer, and television personality. You may know him from So You Think You Can Dance, Magic Mike [...]

Multi-Passionate Artists Podcast: Take The Fear Out Of Reaching Out with Brian Patacca

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Take The Fear Out of Reaching Out With Brian Patacca Brian Patacca helps creatives get what they want without suffering. Brian engages creative professionals seeking to ignite their businesses with fierce accountability, marketing innovation, and soul-satisfying success. With an education from Northwestern, Brian first worked in New York as an [...]

My Favourite AppSumo Black Friday Deals

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AppSumo Black Friday Deals Coaches, content creators, and digital entrepreneurs need a variety of software to run their business.  Appointment booking system, social media scheduler, stock images, transcription, video editing, webinar and virtual meetings host, course platform, email marketing, and the list goes on. With a monthly fee of [...]

How To Build A Strong Personal Brand for Artists & Creatives

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How To Build A Strong Personal Brand for Artists & Creatives A strong personal brand is the key to attracting the fans, media and industry that allow you to fulfill your purpose. Here are 5 steps to cultivate yours: 1. Explore and define your purpose, vision, values and mission. 2. [...]

Multi-Passionate Artists Podcast: Authentic Personal Branding with Diane Foy

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Think about your favourite artists of all time. The ones that inspire you deep in your soul and maybe even motivated you to become an artist yourself. Why do you love them? You most likely appreciate them for more than their talent. It may be their personality, fashion sense, work [...]

Multi-Passionate Artists Podcast: Multipotentiality & My Creative Journey

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In this episode, I share my multi-passionate creative journey from photography and makeup artistry to arts & entertainment PR and personal brand coaching. You will hear about the creativity killers and moments of uncertainty along the way. And how I came to know that I am a multipotentialite. The show [...]

Multi-Passionate Artists Podcast: Finding Your Sweetspot with Creative Director, Brand Consultant & Abstract Painter Marc Suess

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Marc T. Suess is a Creative Director, Brand Consultant, Abstract Painter, Musician, and host of the Sweetspot Podcast. We had a wonderful conversation about finding your sweetspot, and what it means to be an artist.   Finding Your Sweetspot with Creative Director, Brand Consultant & Abstract Painter Marc [...]

Multi-Passionate Artists Podcast: Happiness Mindset with Actor, Dancer & Happiness Coach Aissa Thalia

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Aissa Thalia is a Happiness Coach + Actor + Meditation Facilitator + Chief Happiness Practitioner + Founder of Happy Mindsetter. She helps actors who have not booked in 90 days or more feel happy, confident, and free no matter what. Through her signature process, Aissa helps you discover how to [...]

Multipotential, Multipassionate, Multitalented, Renaissance Soul?

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Multipotential, Multipassionate, Multitalented, Renaissance Soul? Do you have so many interests that it is difficult to choose just one to focus on? Do others think your multiple interests are unrelated but you see how they are connected? When you have a new interest, do you get a bit obsessive about [...]

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