Yoga Tune Up Quick Fix Rx is a fantastic program that blends yoga, physical therapy and massage in 5 or 10 minute segments for each area of the body including Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back, Low Back, Hips, Ankles/Feet and Elbows/Wrist.   With the use of special YTU Therapy Balls, a yoga Stretch Strap and block, fitness therapy expert Jill Miller takes you through stretches that hone in on specific muscles and joints, providing a workout while releasing any built up pain and tension.

The therapy balls provide targeted self-massage trigger point therapy with focused movement to penetrate through layers of skin and muscle to massage deeply into your high tension areas.  The program is not your average yoga workout as it focuses on areas of the body that tend to spasm or strain due to overuse, underuse or poor posture.  There is an Upper and Lower Body DVD set that includes 120 minutes of highly specialized movement routines.

Here is a sample from one of my favorite segments for those like me that get tense neck and shoulders from spending hours at the computer.  [embedyt][/embedyt]

The stretches and positions in Yoga Tune Up are unique and are incredible at releasing tension.  It is refreshing to work joints in the body that we often neglect including the neck, fingers, wrists and feet. For more information check out the official Yoga Tune Up website.

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