Twitter has been around for so long now that I’m constantly amazed that there are so many brands and entertainers that are either not on twitter or not using it to its full potential.  For the average person, maybe you don’t need to be on twitter if it is not your thing, however, for people wanting to make a career out of something that puts you in the public eye, it is vital to success.

In this post, I will break it down into small steps you can take to work towards finally “getting” twitter and its importance to your career or business.

Let’s start with first impressions…

Profile Picture – Have a professional photo or brand logo and not a casual snapshot that doesn’t clearly show your face.  If the profile is run by people whose image is part of the brand, then a photo is often better than a logo. Example: a photo of a band is better than a band logo as people like to know who they are talking to.

Website Link – Link to an official website, not Facebook, YouTube or other profile.  Your official website should give easy links to all other websites and profiles.  Drive traffic to your website not a social media platform.

Bio – Describe who you are and what you do in 140 characters. The goal is to engage people to want to click to see more of who you are and what you are tweeting about.  If the profile is for a business or band include link to related accounts. Ex: customer support, individual band members, biz owners personal profile, etc.

Branding – Have a consistent look across all platforms by using the same colors and background or header.

Location – Include your location information as followers will want to know where you or your brand is from and it makes it easier to network with others in same location or industry.

Newsfeed – Apart from the professionalism of the twitter profile, visitors will want to see that you are worth following by looking at your newsfeed.  For most twitter users, if what you post is all self-promotion and no interactions (or worse, all posts are auto sent from Facebook) the answer is immediately no, not worth following even if they are a fan.  Fans who want to know certain facts will go to your website or fan you on Facebook.  Twitter is not Facebook.

Yes, it is perfectly ok to self-promote on twitter as ultimately the goal is to increase your profile and fan base, however, aim for a balance of news/content, personal updates, sharing others relevant content and replies/responses.

Following/Followers – Of course everyone wants tons of followers, however, quality is more important that quantity on twitter so choose who you follow wisely.  If you look at most celebrity twitter profiles you will see an insane number of followers yet the subject is only following a few hundred at most.  That is because no one can pay attention to much more than that and you want to be able to see your real friends or profiles you genuinely want to see updates from.  It is true that often you gain followers by following others, you just don’t want to follow a ton of random profiles for that sole purpose.

Choosing who to follow – Start with brands or celebrities that you are a fan of, others in your industry and your friends and family.  Send tweets to those you are a fan of and tell them so and tweet your friends and peers to let them know you finally joined twitter.  Retweet others posts that you find interesting and reply to those posts that inspire you to comment or answer.  Right from the start your newsfeed can be full of interactions and conversations which shows that you are follow worthy.

In future blogs, I will give more tips on choosing who to follow, gaining followers and how to better engage on twitter, for now, I will leave you with this to take action and explore.

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