Twitter Lists for Brands

Twitter Lists for Brands

In Twitter Start-Up for Brands, we discussed how to get your profile set up and begin following and interacting with others.  As the number of profiles, you follow increases you will want to use Twitter’s List feature to be better organised and not to miss interaction opportunities. You don’t have to follow profiles to add them to lists however, if it is someone you want to personally connect with it is a good idea to follow them.

For example, bands and music artists may create the following lists:

Venues, Bookers & Promoters:  Whether you are looking to play shows in your hometown or want to book a regional or national tour, you can use lists to better connect with venues, bookers and promoters.

Bands/Musicians:  In start-up you found all your musician friends and bands that you admire and followed them.  Now you can take it a step further and search out small to medium level bands/artists of similar genre and either put them together in a list or possibly along with your venue/promoter search separate them into regions.

Media:  Twitter is a great place to connect with journalists and bloggers and the best part is that they tend to follow and chat with each other often so it’s easy to find others or jump into conversations on that day’s hot topic.

Key Music Industry:  Agents, managers, label executives, publicists and radio promoters are an endless source of education and experience.   Many will post valuable industry articles or give you an inside look into their day-to-day jobs.  After making genuine connections, some may even be willing to let you buy them lunch so you can ask career advice.

Publishers & Music Supervisors:  Following publishers and music supervisors may give you a great insight to how this side of the industry works and the type of music particular pros are looking for.

Brands will want to create similar lists to include other brands you are connected with, brands whose products compliment yours, media that cover your industry, key influencers for your industry, etc.

Once you have your lists be sure to check in often and be ready to reply, retweet and interact when something connects with you to respond.  Don’t be too eager to jump in all at once or start pitching everyone your products or services, be an observer for a while to learn the ropes.  Only after building up a relationship should you pitch your music directly to anyone on twitter.  Even then it is better to make non biz connections and most likely they will check out your brand anyways out of curiosity on who you are.

Stay tuned for future twitter blogs on management tools, ideas on what to post, how and when, and twitter etiquette.