Canadian singer-songwriter Tamara Maddalen fearlessly re-emerges to deliver a soulful blend of sweet sounds of the Deep South. She is collaborating with producer/engineer Justin Koop (Walk Off The Earth, The Shyp, Tomi Swick, Newworldson), for her third upcoming full-length album; Mint Green Mercury. The first single and video are called “Fade Away.”

“Fade Away” references forbidden soulmates, missed opportunities and what could have been. The story of young lovers that reunite weaving in and out of each other’s lives while knowing they cannot be together.  The concept for the video, guided by the lyrics, captures the sentiment of nostalgia and longing between two troubled lovers played by comedian Devin Bateson and actor Caroline Concordia.

Directed by filmmaker Michael Penney, the video filmed in Hamilton, Ontario included a day at Primavera Farms, where some of the animals got in on the action both in front of and behind the camera. “The star of the day had to be Barack O’Llama, he curiously stood up every time I would go by to visit him,” says Maddalen, “and he looked pretty annoyed that we were on his turf!  Michael told me he was a jerk, but I found him to be quite a nice Llama actually.”

Maddalen is seen in live performance segments throughout including under the marquee of an old-fashioned movie theatre adding to the nostalgia theme. Stay tuned for new singles from Mint Green Mercury coming soon and a full-length release in 2019.


Canadian Music Week Showcase:

Friday, May 10, 2019, midnight @ Kensington Sound, Delegates only