After Receiving Rave Reviews for “Rearview” Tamara Maddalen Releases “Cosmic Fail”

Fresh off of receiving rave reviews for her single “Rearview”, singer-songwriter Tamara Maddalen releases “Cosmic Fail.” The song delivers a combination of roots rock set to bluesy boogie-woogie rhythm complete with the twang of Pedal Steel guitar.  “It references letting go of fears with a call to action for anyone who’s fed up with self-doubt and negativity in their life and ready to counter with positivity,” explains Maddalen.  “It’s about returning to music with passion and getting your power back.”

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The Reviews Are In:

“Pairing creative and inspiring vocal melodies with steady percussion and ambient instrumental sections, the latest single (“Rearview”) from MGM (Mint Green Mercury) is a jam from start to finish.” – Rhythm & Boots NYC

“Coloring with shades of ’90s country and folk music, Canadian singer-songwriter Tamara Maddalen sets her gaze for what’s next and plunges ahead, but not before taking that last glance over her shoulder. Teary-eyed yet determined, new single “Rearview” perches on that golden benchmark of change, and her voice shatters the door’s hinges.” – B-Sides & Badlands

“This CD is a lifetime of experiences graciously written to put some of life’s emotional roller coaster ride to a song. With a powerful yet emotional voice, Tamara takes us through thirteen songs reflecting these life experiences.” – Wayne Baggs, BK On The Scene

“Oh my what a voice, someone we can believe in because she is one of us struggling with the travails of living. What sets Tamara apart is how she straddles that line between country and pop so well.” – Mp3Hugger

“An elegant and woozy slice of Americana-folky ballad. It is rich, warm and dripping with melody as the rich vocal allure pulls heavy on the heartstrings amid a warm, sunkissed haze.” – Barry Gruff

“Such a beautiful voice and a very strong vocal performance!” – Maisonneuve Music