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Hello visual artists, musicians, writers, actors & performers,

Diane Foy, Arts & Entertainment, Pet Care Publicist, Creativity & Marketing Coach

I’m Diane Foy and I believe that you really can make a living from your creative talents!

I help artists move past creative blocks, revitalize their brand and increase their influence, which allows them to attract more fans, media, and opportunities.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I have more than two decades of experience as a creative entrepreneur.  I have been a photographer, makeup artist, image consultant, journalist, publicist, artist manager, event planner, pet care specialist, jewelry designer, and certified coach.  I recently learned that there is a psychological term for people like me – multipotentiality.  I’m owning it! 


In my 14 years’ in public relations, I have helped hundreds of creatives increase their profile and secure international media coverage. The talent I have worked with includes actor, singer and author Mackenzie Phillips, Oscar-nominated actor Robert Loggia, Pretty Little Liars actor Tyler Blackburnradio & TV personality Meredith Shaw, Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell, rock singer Sass JordanGordie Johnson-led blues-rock band Big Sugar, and legendary punk act DOA.

Although I have collaborated with celebrities, I have felt the most accomplished when I have been able to help independent artists. Seeing many of my PR clients struggle with their creativity and branding inspired me to become a certified coach.

As a creative entrepreneur, I have explored various career paths, however, the inspiration for all of them has been my passion for arts and entertainment. 

As creative artists, you have the power to change lives with your talent.  My purpose is to provide tools, resources, motivation, and support to ensure that the world gets to experience that power.

Check out more info about my experience on the Music, Film and Arts PR pages.  If you need support completing your projects or connecting your image and branding to your art, check out the Coaching page.



  • Marketing Strategy (10 courses) ~ Fearless Entrepreneur Academy (current study)
  • Inbound & Content Marketing Hubspot Academy (current study)
  • Marketing I & II ~ Langara College, VCC
  • Publicity, Marketing & Promotion ~ Trebas Institute


  • Entertainment Management (Diploma)~ Trebas Institute
  • Freelance Writing, Non-Fiction (Diploma)~ ICS
  • Hairstyling for Makeup Artists ~ George Brown College
  • Makeup Artistry ~ Blanche MacDonald Centre
  • Fashion Styling ~ Blanche MacDonald Centre
  • Professional Photography (2-year Diploma) ~ Langara College, VCC


  • Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner ~ Academy of Ancient Magik & Accreditation from the International Association of Therapists

"It's a pleasure working with Diane who has a passion for publicity and jumps in with both feet on the projects she works on. Diane works hard to make sure every possible angle is covered that could give the most impactful exposure. We love working with her!"

Ebonnie Rowe

"Diane Foy's talent and skill to engage with multiple aspects of PR were hugely impressive. I have rarely met anyone who was as adaptable or creative as Diane was during the time we worked together. She secured some brilliant international media coverage."

Tim Arnold

"D.O.A. has worked with Diane Foy for over a decade and she has consistently delivered features and cover stories in both the mainstream and alternative media. She has been intuitive at sorting out the best approach for individual promo campaigns, outstanding work!"

"Whenever we have been to Canada, Diane has stepped up, gotten us great press, and brought good people into our circle."

Perry Farrell

“Diane is so great to work with. She secured the very first review for my debut EP, which also was one of the greatest reviews I have ever gotten. Working with Diane is working with a publicist who truly cares about you, and cares about your success.”

NJ Taylor

“Diane Foy is one of a handful of publicists that are actually down to earth and treats people like human beings instead of automatons. She gets the job done with minimum stress and maximum efficiency. I so appreciate her!”

Sass Jordan

"Diane is highly charismatic and really cares about her clients, ensuring they are at the right events at the right time, meeting the right people in order to help them build their brand."

“Diane accomplished a lot on very short notice when she handled Diving Into The Unknown’s North American festival premiere at Hot Docs”

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