For Immediate Release: December 8, 2017 (Toronto, Canada / Mumbai, India); Mumbai rock band ONEmpire will premiere their debut single “Shine A Light” on December 8, 2017, with a video that features specially able kids from the Gateway School of Mumbai.  “Music is therapeutic in so many ways,” explains vocalist Zarir Warden, “and through our song, we wanted to see these kids smile, dance, sing and to forget about everything else for those few minutes and as the video shows, they did.”

The name ONEmpire may be new; however, the musicians have enjoyed great success throughout India for the last decade as The Other People and have opened for American rock band Saving Abel and Danish pop stars Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR).  As the bands’ songwriting had evolved, the musicians decided that a re-brand was in order.  “We wanted to use the word “ONE” which signifies unity & solidarity,” explains Warden, “and because it’s always been a dream to build something greater than ourselves, like an Empire, we chose ONEmpire.”

The internet played a big part in the recording of the bands’ upcoming EP as they recorded in Mumbai, Canadian producer Ben Pelchat worked from his studio Kensington Sound in Toronto.  “Ben was in every single recording session over facetime or skype no matter if it was an hour or 12-hour session, he was with us for the whole experience,” Warden says. “Also because of the time difference that often meant Ben was working till 6 am, but we always had a blast.”

“Shine a Light” is the first single off the EP and with its big anthem-like sound and melody it is sure to have fans singing along in no time.  “We received the greatest compliment after shooting the video as a teacher mentioned that one of the kids who is always shy and quiet, was the one singing, moving, laughing and clapping the most,” says Warden. “It was so special and when the kids feel special, we know we’re doing something right.”