Nunavut Music Collective Announce Artists for Ajungi Album

Juno Award nominee and Indspire Award recipient Kelly Fraser, Indigenous Music Award winner Angela Amarualik and Canadian Screen Award winner 666god are just some of the talented musicians featured on Hitmakerz Ajungi album released November 22, 2019. AJUNGI – pronounced AH-YUNG-EE – is a Nunavut-based music collective made up of up-and-coming artists from across the territory.

Ajungi is important to Nunavummiut [people from Nunavut] because it is proof that there is hidden talent in our people and our songs can be performed for audiences around the world,” explains Hitmakerz Creative Director Thor Simonsen. “Ajungi is important to southern Canadians because it allows them to see a snapshot of what modern life is like for young people in Nunavut. Ajungi is important to me because it’s the first album by a Nunavut music collective, and because it may inspire future Nunavut artists to pursue music.”

Funding for the album was provided by the Government of Nunavut (Department of Economic Development and Transportation) as well as the Qikiqtani Inuit Association. Since most of the 12 songs on the Ajungi album include issues of mental health, a portion of album sales will be donated to the Kamatsiaqtut Nunavut Helpline (867-979-3333).

Ajungi features Kelly Fraser, Aocelyn, FxckMr, Aasiva, Ehski, Shauna Seeteenak, Angela Amarualik, N-16, 666god, Manic Range, JBRETON, Stuart Qiyuk, Northern Knowledge, Kirby, Mimi, Uyarakq, and Annie Petaulassie.

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