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For 14 years, Canadian music publicist Diane Foy has run successful PR campaigns for indie artists. As a creativity and marketing coach, she guides artists through the creative process, branding and reaching their target market.

As an active FACTOR Juror, Diane knows what it takes to launch a successful album release and tour. She has acted as a mentor or participated in panels for Canadian Music WeekMusic Ontario, Indie Week, North by North East and the Northern Ontario Music & Film Conference.

Media outlets have sought her out for interviews including Straight Talk on Sun News Network (PR crisis management for celebrities), CanWest News (image & branding coach), Indie Can Radio on XM (music publicist), chartattack (music publicist), fyi Music (Queen of the Industry, Music Publicist), Canadian Music Network and Spill Magazine (music business coach).


Canadian music publicity for international artists, musicians, songwriters, record labels, album releases, video releases, tours, festivals and special events.

Media Relations

Blogger & Influencer Relations

Media Kit Development

Social Media Strategy

Marketing Coaching


Music publicity doesn’t have to be limited to your home country as there are thousands of music bloggers and internet radio shows around the world.  We will target bloggers and influencers in your niche music genre and solicit spotlights, reviews, and interviews.



Creative entrepreneurs often struggle with the business and marketing aspects of their career.  Marketing coaching offers gentle guidance and resources to develop your personal and business brand, market research, social media strategy, SEO, content strategy, marketing strategy, online marketing, automation, public relations, and growth marketing.


Living a creative life is often challenging with creative blocks and career concerns.  Creativity coaching is a specialized form of life coaching where the coach inspires self-discovery, new possibilities, and strategic actions, designed to help you achieve your goals.


At many points in our lives we may question if we are on the right path.  Life purpose coaching explores our conditioning, passions/interests, talents/skills, personality, experiences, and limiting beliefs leading to empowerment and a clear statement of purpose.

Diane has worked with …

COUNTRY: Before the Flood, Beyond The Mountain, Brian Byrne, DeAnna, Driveway, Emily Weedon & Delta, Heather Ballentine, Lee Mellor, Linda M., Lindsay Broughton, Meredith Shaw, Shane Chisholm, Suitcase Sam, The Maladies of Adam Stokes, Willie Ames

FOLK/SINGER/SONGWRITER: Brandon Jones, Celia Palli, Bryce Jardine, Dan Kosub, Dan Politano, David Martel, Debbie Fortnum, Eugene Ripper, Fernando Saunders (Lou Reed, Marianne Faithful), Future Native, Georgia Germein & the Germein Sisters, Heather Hill, Jenna Bennett, Les Stroud, Lily Frost, Lindsay Misiner, Melissa Rebronja, Milla Sanchez, North Easton, Paul James Berry, Peasant Moon, Peter Katz, Phil Solem (The Rembrandts), Rebecca Nazz, Reno McCarthy, Ryan Luchuck, Sean Ashby, Sonia Funk, Tim Arnold, Xenia Dunford

ROCK: Abandoned Souls, Aceface, Acres of Lions, Amy Heffernan, Betty Moon, Big Sugar, Blue Skies At War, Bobnoxious, Buck Brothers, Chris Koster, Crash Kelly, D.O.A., Dearly Beloved, Decade of Sleep, Elephant 12, Go For The Eyes, Gordie Johnson, Grady, Hyena Dog Robbery, Joe Keithley, Kat Lucas, KingDoom, Mink, Needle and The Pain Reaction, Neil Leyton, Perry Farrell (Jane’s Addiction), Red Light Rippers, Return for Refund, Sabrina Korva, Sass Jordan, Sowatt, Stand, Tacoma Redd, The Blackchords, The Flairs, The Jamestown Union, The Jefferson, The Joys, The Morning Stars, The Parlotones, The Pointed Sticks, The Salads, Turn Off The Stars, 22-Pistepirkko, We Are The Corner

POP/DANCE/ELECTRONIC: Audio Playground, Alexandra Hawse, BMBSHL, Capri, Eli T, Emily Rockarts, Federal Lights, 5th Projekt, Frixion, Imaginary Cities, Jasmine Richards, Karina Es, Laure Shang, Mandy Kane, NJ Taylor, Satellite Party (Perry Farrell), Stephanie Braganza,

R&B/FUNK/HIP-HOP/SOUL/JAZZ: Abstract Artform, Amanda Davids, Cee Knowledge (Doodlebug of Digable Planets’), Davy Sage, Divine Lightbody,  ESMA, Five Alarm Funk, Flo, Jazzy Monika, Jet Lyse, Karis, Living Proof, MC Shadow, Raelene Bailey, Shameem, Tara Priya, Tasha Angela, The Lionyls, The New Groovement, Tika Simone, Troiano, Will

NEW AGE/JAZZ FUSION/WORLD:  Hennie Bekker; TRADITIONAL JAZZ VOCAL: Stephen Farrell, Tyra Jutai; ROCK OPERA: Patrizia

EVENTS: Skylar Entertainment’s 1st to 4th Filmmaker Music Series during TIFF, Sean “Diddy” Combs Grammy Awards After Party at the Playboy Mansion, IMSTA Festa, Guitar Workshop Plus, The Parlotones 3D/2D Live Rock Theatre Event and various CD Release Parties, Tours and Showcases.

Tim Arnold

"Diane Foy's talent and skill to engage with multiple aspects of PR were hugely impressive. I have rarely met anyone who was as adaptable or creative as Diane was during the time we worked together. She secured some brilliant international media coverage."

"D.O.A. has worked with Diane Foy for over a decade and she has consistently delivered features and cover stories in both the mainstream and alternative media. She has been intuitive at sorting out the best approach for individual promo campaigns, outstanding work!"

Perry Farrell

"Whenever we have been to Canada, Diane has stepped up, gotten us great press, and brought good people into our circle."

Perry FarrellJane's Addiction
NJ Taylor

“Diane is so great to work with. She secured the very first review for my debut EP, which also was one of the greatest reviews I have ever gotten. Working with Diane is working with a publicist who truly cares about you, and cares about your success.”

Sass Jordan

“Diane Foy is one of a handful of publicists that are actually down to earth and treats people like human beings instead of automatons. She gets the job done with minimum stress and maximum efficiency. I so appreciate her!”

"Diane is highly charismatic and really cares about her clients, ensuring they are at the right events at the right time, meeting the right people in order to help them build their brand."

East Village Entertainment

“Diane accomplished a lot on very short notice when she handled Diving Into The Unknown’s North American festival premiere at Hot Docs”

Jake Gold, The Management Trust

Diane Foy has shown a truly professional, reliable and efficient work ethic that is rare in this industry."

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