The Broken Glass Podcast:

Episode 56: Branding, Marketing, and Pivoting Your Career with Diane Foy

Diane Foy is my guest on this episode of the podcast. She’s a podcaster, publicist, marketer, and coach for artists and musicians. Listen in as we discuss the importance of branding, what you need to think about when building your brand, marketing, pivoting your career, and so much more!

The Intuitive Queens Podcast:

Creativity & Marketing Coach for Musicians & Actors Diane Foy

Diane Foy’s story is proof that, when you know what you want to do, you will eventually get to that once you release the fears that stop you from living your purpose. Listen to the full episode to know how she overcame her struggles and limiting beliefs to get to where she is now coaching artists, musicians, and actors to do the same.

The Boss Life Balance Podcast:

Being a Multi-Potentialite with Publicist & Coach Diane Foy

Sarah and Kelsey interview Publicist, Podcaster & Coach for performing artists, Diane Foy on how honoring her multi-potentialite personality helps her show up authentically in her biz. We also talk about the Ocean Big 5 and how knowing the tendencies of others helps you improve your relationships in life and in biz.

Dance Boss Podcast:

Building Recognition in the Industry with Publicist & Coach Diane Foy

In today’s episode, my guest Publicist, Podcaster, and Coach Diane Foy dives into making an impact and reaching the masses. We talk about getting clear on your vision by answering the questions: Who are you? What do you want? Why do you want it? We also discuss the importance of being able to figure it out and keep it moving. Diane dropped a lot of gems and I know you will enjoy them!

Rainbow Country with Mark Tara: CiUT 89.5FM & Podcast

PR Expert, Personal Branding Coach, and Podcaster Diane Foy


I’ve been honored to participate as a panelist and/or industry expert for conferences and media outlets including Factor, Canadian Music Week (Music PR Mentor), Music Ontario (music publicity), Indie Week (music publicity), North by North East (Music PR mentor), the Northern Ontario Music & Film Conference (music publicity, PR mentor), Northern Ontario Music & Film Conference (film publicity, PR mentor), Reel Indie Film Festival (film publicity), Honey Jam, CBC news, Straight Talk on Sun News Network (PR crisis management for celebrities), CanWest News, Toronto Star (image & branding), Indie Can Radio on SiriusXM, chartattackfyi Music News (Queen of the Industry), Canadian Music Network, Spill Magazine and Katie Chats for the Female Eye Film Festival.