Burnaby - Joe Keithley - BC Green Party

Burnaby- Joe Keithley – BC Green Party

The Burnaby Civic Green Party is excited to announce Joe Keithley as their candidate for Mayor in Burnaby’s October 20th civic election. Born and raised in Burnaby, Joe has been a lifelong activist, fighting for regular folks for the last 40 years. He is best known as the leader of world-renowned and influential punk rock band D.O.A.

Joe is running for Mayor, because he, along with many others in Burnaby know it is time for a change. He believes that Mayor Corrigan and his BCA council have stopped working for the people and seem to only care about themselves and their inner circle.

The Burnaby Civic Green Party is running a full slate for all elected positions in Burnaby’s election. The BCGP will work hard to restore long-lost democracy to our city hall.

“It is time for a fresh start in Burnaby. Corrigan and the BCA council have been pushing their same old agenda for the last  30 years. As your Mayor I will take a common sense approach and work for all of our citizens.”

Important issues that Joe and his team will campaign on are:

  • Promote and enable more affordable housing and more affordable rental units
  • Stop Corrigan’s out of control taxation plan. The BCA has been over taxing us for years. The BCGP will freeze property tax at the 2017 level for a minimum of two years
  • Stop the heartless demo-victions in the Metrotown area
  • Restore democracy and accountability to city hall by instituting term limits for elected officials and taking the control of citizen’s committees out of the Mayor’s hands
  • Make Burnaby a more sustainable, greener and liveable city

As Mayor Joe will continue Burnaby’s opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. This issue has always been extremely important to the Green Party. He will do whatever it takes to stop potential harm to the citizens and the environment of Burnaby.

“People distrust politicians and I would say with good reason because they don’t listen to the voters. I will fight for and demand that everyone’s voice is heard.”

About Joe:

  • Author, award-winning musician and BC Entertainment Hall of Fame inductee
  • Successful business owner
  • Tireless organizer for human rights
  • 35-year union member

Joe has been an advocate for our community and has coached youth soccer, baseball and lacrosse while raising three children together with his wife of 30 years in Burnaby.

“He is, Citizen Joe, time has made that evident” – Tom Harrison (Vancouver Sun, The Province, Post Media)

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