I’m so excited that Grease is returning on stage in Toronto! I’ve probably seen the movie more times than any other musical yet I’ve never seen it live.  The movie is celebrating its 40th anniversary so I think it is time!

Fun Facts that show my age:

  • I saw Grease in the theatre when it was first released and fell in love with Olivia Newton-John
  • When my family bought a VCR, Grease was the first video we rented
  • On our way to the theatre to see Grease 2 my mother had to interrupt my babbling about Danny and Sandy to break the news that they are not in the film. (I still loved it and Michelle Pfeiffer)
  • I once saw a theatre sports version of Grease the musical in Vancouver
  • Of course, I’ve seen Grease Sing-a-long version in the theatre & on dvd
  • I had a Pink Ladies jacket and wish I still had it to wear next week when I see Grease the Musical on stage in Toronto.

Performances of Grease the Musical at the Historic Winter Garden Theatre: Previews May 24-30; Opening Night May 31; Running to June 17, 2018; Tickets: For more information, please visit www.greaseonstage.com/tickets/  Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter