Drake Painting by Stickman to Debut at Toronto Liss Gallery

Edmonton, Alberta fine artist Trevor “Stickman” Stickel will be having his debut Toronto show at Liss Gallery September 10th to October 5th. Since the artist specializes in musically inspired work, it was only fitting to create a new piece featuring the Toronto Raptors Ambassador and world-renowned hip hop artist Drake.

“When we decided to do our first show in Toronto, the host gallery (Liss Gallery) suggested an unveiling of a Canadian or regionally inspired piece,” says Stickel. “Initially, the usual Canadian suspects crossed my mind – The Hip, Neil Young, Rush, etc. At around the same time, the Toronto Raptors’ historic playoff run was gripping the country, and wrapped up in the pageantry of it all was Toronto’s biggest promoter, Drake. Being a huge Drake fan, it was my girlfriend and business partner that suggested I step out of my rock‘n’roll comfort zone and explore a Drake piece. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger ambassador of “The Six” than the man they call Drizzy.”

Growing up a huge Leafs fan, Stickel always loved the city of Toronto, so naturally, it was a goal for him to have gallery representation and a show in the city. “The realization of this goal led me to the lyric, “Started from the bottom, now we’re here,” he explains. “This title lyric could not be more fitting for the piece, as well as the opportunity.”

The piece itself contains a background skyline of Toronto and utilizes a spectrum of colours found in all three major professional sports teams (fades from Blue, White, Purple and Red). The artist generally likes to stay away from bright colours, however, it suited the piece due to Drake’s engagement with the cities sports teams.



Birth of Cool is the second new piece that will be unveiled at the Liss Gallery show.  The painting features jazz legends Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie and is from Stickman’s Roque series.



September 10th – October 5th 2019

Liss Gallery, 112 Cumberland Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada