Branding influences the perception people have about you and your art.  Personal and business brand coaching is customized to support you and your goals.

  • Brand assessment
  • Create a brand identity that is authentic to you
  • Define your purpose, mission, and vision
  • Develop your brand story and biography
  • Identify your target market and ideal fan or customer
  • Define your competitive advantage and differentiation
  • Build an online presence that showcases your talents
  • Leverage social media to engage with your target market
  • Develop a marketing strategy


Living a creative life is often challenging with creative blocks and career concerns.  Creativity coaching is a specialized form of life and business coaching where the coach inspires self-discovery, new possibilities, and strategic actions, designed to help you achieve your goals.

Let’s get that song, script or book written, album recorded, film completed, fashions illustrated, production choreographed or product line or art exhibition created!


At many points in our lives, we may question if we are on the right path.  Life purpose coaching explores our conditioning, passions/interests, talents/skills, personality, experiences, and limiting beliefs leading to empowerment and a clear statement of purpose.


Visual appearance, behavior, and communication skills play an important role in your personal and professional success.  Image coaching is customized to support you and your goals.

  • Image assessment
  • Personal style development
  • Colour analysis and theory
  • Grooming, hair, makeup
  • Wardrobe planning
  • Body language
  • Authentic communication skills
  • Stage presence
  • Photoshoot preparation
  • Media interview preparation