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With creative entrepreneur coaching, my mission is to empower people to clarify and succeed in their life’s purpose.

  • Conditioning: Overcome limiting conditioning from childhood and societal influences
  • Passions/Interests: Explore your greatest passions and interests
  • Talents/Skills: Examine your natural talents and skills to determine possibilities
  • Personality: Investigate your personality type and glean insight into your desires and inclinations
  • Experiences: Search for patterns or hidden clues in your timeline of life changing experiences
  • Coincidences: Consider how meaningful coincidences are often symbolic of greater meaning and purpose
  • Limiting Beliefs: Eliminate limiting beliefs systems and rewrite empowering new ones and how to overcome common excuses that can hold you back
  • Empowerment: Empowering you to take your power back from others
  • Purpose: Bring together all of the above elements into a clear statement of purpose and write your personal manifesto as a powerful declaration of intent

Creative Entrepreneur Coaching: Business Foundation – 6 Weeks

  • Discovery Session – Vision, goals, entrepreneurial assessment
  • Person – personality traits, commitment, experience, values, fear
  • Product – Product, marketplace, demand, value, benefits
  • Pricing – Start-up costs and expenses, bank account, business organization, company name, licenses, record keeping, cash flow, sales forecasting
  • Process – location, zoning, risk protection, contracts
  • Promotion – customer profile, product benefits, value, target market

Creative Entrepreneur Coaching: Marketing Phase 1 – 6 Months 

  • Branding: Brand identity, brand positioning, personal branding, business branding
  • Market Research: Marketing mix, research, segmentation, strategies
  • Social Media: Facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin
  • SEO: Search engine, keywords, websites, seo strategy
  • Content Strategy: Content marketing, product marketing, video marketing, podcast, article

Creative Entrepreneur Coaching: Marketing Phase 2 – 6 Months

  • Marketing Strategy: Non-digital marketing, print marketing, direct marketing, networking, public speaking
  • Marketing Automation: Analytics, marketing automation, Email marketing, relationship marketing, google analytics
  • Online Marketing: Digital marketing, online marketing, blogging, viral marketing, live streaming
  • Public Relations: Public relations, media kits, media interviews, publicity
  • Growth Marketing: Hacking plan, product leveraging, affiliate marketing, piggyback marketing
  • 20+ years as a Creative Entrepreneur ~ Arts and entertainment publicist, artist manager, photographer, journalist, makeup artist, jewelry designer and pet care specialist. (Bio)
  • Certified Life Coach ~ Certified Coaches Federation
  • Certified Life Coach ~ Kain Ramsay Strategic Life Coaching Academy
  • Certified Life Purpose Coach ~ Transformation Academy
  • Certified Executive Coach ~ Certified Coaches Federation
  • Business Coach & Marketing Strategy Certificates ~ Fearless Entrepreneur Academy
  • Entertainment Management Diploma ~ Trebas Institute
  • Freelance Writing Certificate: Non-Fiction ~ ICS
  • Makeup Artistry Certificate ~ Blanche MacDonald Centre
  • Professional Photography Diploma ~ Langara College, VCC
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