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Diane Foy Publicist Personal branding coachHello artists & performers, 

I’m Diane Foy and I believe that you really can make a living from your creative talents. As a publicist, podcaster and coach, my mission is to educate, motivate and empower you to thrive in the arts with authenticity, creativity, and purpose.

In my 15 years’ in public relations, I have secured international media coverage for hundreds of artists and performers. Although I have represented celebrities, I feel the most accomplished helping independent artists on their journey. After seeing many of my PR clients struggle with their creativity and branding I was inspired to become a certified life, business and creativity coach.

I help artists create an authentic personal brand so that you can increase your profile and attract loyal fans without wasting time winging it. If you want deeper connections with your audience and increased career opportunities, I can guide you in communicating your values, beliefs, purpose and personality so that you can achieve your goals.

As creative artists, you have the power to change lives with your talent, my purpose is to provide tools, resources, motivation, and support to ensure that the world gets to experience that power.

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