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You Have The Power To Change Lives With Your Talent!

I can help you attract FANS, MEDIA & INDUSTRY so that you can MAKE MONEY with your talents. If you want to stop letting fear and a lack of knowledge hold you back, I can empower you to make a greater impact through AUTHENTIC PERSONAL BRANDING & PR. 

When I was finishing up an album that was years in the making, I wanted to ensure that I maximized its potential with a solid marketing plan.  I had released music in the past without a plan and my goals were not achieved. Now I know that goals without a plan of action are just dreams. Enter the SDAT! Progress Pathway!

I learned strategies for time management and breaking down long term goals into small manageable tasks. As for having a solid marketing plan, I learned that as much as I wished I could just hire someone to do it for me, promotion needs to start with my authentic identity. I needed to take the time to figure out my core values, limiting beliefs, my WHY, and learn how to share my personality and story to connect on a deeper level with my audience. The result was that I was able to successfully launch an LP in a digital world as an Independent Female Artist!

Make a Plan, Work the Plan!  Having a PR and Creativity Coach along the way was paramount to being able to Thrive!

~ Tamara Maddalen, Singer-Songwriter

Photograph by Diane Foy


  • waking up every day MOTIVATED, INSPIRED and CONFIDENT in what your next steps are to move your career to the next level.
  • AUDITIONING with confidence knowing that you are putting your best self forward.
  • knowing how to market yourself AUTHENTICALLY and building GENUINE CONNECTIONS with audiences.
  • being better equipped to handle criticism or the unavoidable career lows by knowing your MOTIVATION.
  • BOOKING QUALITY WORK that inspires you and showcases your talents.

You know what you want, but getting to the next level seems overwhelming, I know. Especially when the way it currently looks for you is ANYTHING but easy.

If you are honest, it downright SUCKS.


  • are feeling completely OVERWHELMED wasting time, money and energy working on what you think you should be doing, but the lack of AUDITIONS, GIGS, and INDUSTRY CONNECTIONS leave you frustrated and defeated.
  • have tried EVERYTHING, like attending industry conferences and workshops, and even reached out to experts for advice, but you still feel CONFUSED as to what course of action is right for you.
  • struggle with visioning your future for even one year because you leave things to chance and don’t have a STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN.

  • know social media is important but your LACK OF KNOWLEDGE on how it works or what to post leaves you frozen in FEAR or you are posting a lot, but simply not seeing results.
  • struggle with ANXIETY and SELF-DOUBT, and sometimes wonder if it’s all worth it.

Photograph by Diane Foy

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Hello, I’m Diane Foy.

During my 16 years as an ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Publicist, I have secured international media coverage for hundreds of artists and performers. Although I have represented celebrities, I feel the most accomplished helping INDEPENDENT ARTISTS on their journey. After seeing many of my PR clients struggle to build a career in the arts, I was inspired to become a CERTIFIED COACH.

In all honesty, I was often struggling myself, even though some people thought that I was living the dream. Sometimes I thought I was dreaming when I would find myself at DIDDY’S Grammy Awards after-party at the Playboy Mansion or working a Hollywood red carpet that featured MARK WAHLBERG and LUDACRIS or that time I danced on stage with JANE’S ADDICTION and JOE PERRY in front of 30,000 people at Lollapalooza. Actually, that one I still don’t believe happened even though there is footage on YouTube to prove it.

My point is that no one sees or hears about the down times in between those moments. You may be appearing successful to your friends too with some of the amazing experiences that you have had. For many years, I experienced all the same struggles that I described that you may be going through right now.

I was an entertainment publicist when traditional media was downsizing so much that there were fewer opportunities for the independent artists that I enjoyed working with. ARTIST DEVELOPMENT has vanished from the entertainment industry so you are left scrambling to figure out how to build your career on your own.

Before the SDAT Progress Pathway, I struggled to understand how to grow my career in music and film. I was overwhelmed working on so many projects that lacked structure and overall schedule. There are a lot of online courses out there that promise results but seem dodgy, however, after only a few sessions with Diane, I felt that the experience was life-changing.

Phase 2: Confidence made the biggest impact on me as I never really stopped to think about my core values, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly the deeper reason why I was writing the type of music that I do. It impacted my personal life as well as it triggered me to go back to work on my childhood trauma and anxiety.

Now I have the tools and systems in place to achieve my goals and the confidence to communicate and connect with audiences and industry authentically.

~ Nathalie Kraemer, Singer-Songwriter, Filmmaker


My life-long passion for arts and entertainment is my WHY. Helping artists and performers succeed is my purpose in life so I went searching for a solution for both of us to thrive. The day I discovered COACHING as my next calling CHANGED MY LIFE!

I spent over two years studying various types of coaching and PSYCHOLOGY to figure out how to help MUSICIANS & ACTORS with the knowledge and experience that I acquired through 25 YEARS as a CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR. I began coaching artists and since I know the value of coaching I am in 2 coaching programs that help further my own ambitions. I have figured it out and my process is changing the lives of my clients.

…and now it can change yours!


The Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! Progress Pathway

You figure out how to SING! DANCE! ACT! and I will help you THRIVE!
Book A Free Discovery Coaching Session

This is a one on one personalized coaching program that will provide you with a step by step pathway to build your profile and get known as a talent to watch!

We will meet 2 or 3 times a month virtually on Zoom and go through the phases at your own pace. You may have already mastered some of these phases and we can speed through them, while others may be more of a struggle and require more time and support.

The 6 “C’s” of the Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! Progress Pathway

PHASE 1C – CLARITY – Vision & Goals

PHASE 2C – CONFIDENCE – Motivation, Limiting Beliefs, Core Values, Skills, Strengths & Weaknesses

PHASE 3C: CAPTIVATE – Personality, Image & Story

PHASE 4C: COMPETITIVE EDGE – Uniqueness, Money Makers, Education & Target Audience

PHASE 5C: CONTENT CREATION – Website, Social Media, Stories, Photography & Video

PHASE 6C: COMMUNICATION – Social Media Engagement, People & Media Skills


For more information download the FREE “How To Attract Fans, Media & Industry for Musicians & Actors” Roadmap

Before the SDAT progress pathway, I didn’t have a solid plan in place to build my profile and secure more auditions. Just as my acting coach helped me build a process for approaching a character, Diane helped me build a process to tackle the personal and business aspects of my life to keep me on track to reach my goals.

I came to recognize that my fear of failure was holding me back from putting myself out there and becoming a full time working actor. The part of the program that had the biggest impact on me was learning my why as having a clear understanding of why I am pursuing this dream made me focus and draw on that motivation when things get me down. I’m more confident now that I have the tools and support to get to the next level.

~ Chad Allen, Actor, Writer, Director, Producer


Do I need to be in Toronto or Canada to work with you?2020-03-27T22:24:34+00:00

No, I work with clients across the country and around the world via Zoom. All you need is a computer, a reliable wireless connection and the desire to create positive change in your career.

How is coaching different than consulting?2020-11-02T19:59:11+00:00

The entertainment industry is full of expert consultants that will analyze where you are and offer specific advice for an action plan to follow.  Often they will be involved in executing the plan.

I am a coach who shares expert knowledge and experience on how to succeed in the entertainment industry. I help you figure out what plan of action feels right for you and although it is your responsibility to execute the plan, you will have support and accountability as you work towards achieving your goals.


How can I invest in coaching when I’m not making any money as a performer?2020-11-02T20:00:35+00:00

Booking gigs and making money with your talents is the ultimate goal. With this proven step by step system, you will be achieving your goals faster and with more confidence than you would be figuring things out on your own.

What if I am not a musician or actor? Do you work with other artists or industry?2020-07-14T19:30:18+00:00

While helping musicians and actors thrive in the arts is my focus, I am a visual artist and creative entrepreneur that has followed this same system in my own business. The difference is that we non-performers may need to push our comfort zones, even more, to put ourselves out there.  If you are interested in seeing if we are a match to work together please apply for a free discovery coaching session.

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